Reconstruction of Hypsilophodon, copyright Arthur Weasley.

Belongs within: Genasauria.
Contains: Iguanodontia.

The Ornithopoda is a clade of bipedal and facultatively quadrupedal herbivorous dinosaurs that has been defined as including all taxa closer to Edmontosaurus than to Triceratops (Norman et al. 2004). The composition of this clade is currently subject to revision; recent phylogenetic analyses have found that several taxa previously regarded as basal Ornithopoda should be placed outside the Ornithopoda + Marginocephalia clade. One of the best known basal ornithopods is Hypsilophodon foxii from the Early Cretaceous of England, a lightly built bipedal form less than two metres in length.

<==Ornithopoda [Hypsilophodontidae]
    |--Orodromeus Horner & Weishampel 1988 NS04
    |    `--O. makelai Horner & Weishampel 1988 NS04
    `--+--+--Zephyrosaurus Sues 1980 NS04
       |  |    `--Z. schaffi Sues 1980 NS04
       |  `--Hypsilophodon Huxley 1869 NS04
       |       |--H. foxii Huxley 1869 NS04 [=Iguanodon foxii N85]
       |       `--H. wielandi Galton & Jensen 1979 (n. d.) NS04
       `--+--Gasparinisaura Coria & Salgado 1996 NS04
          |    `--G. cincosaltensis Coria & Salgado 1996 NS04
          `--+--Iguanodontia WJ03
             `--+--Parksosaurus Sternberg 1937 NS04
                |    `--P. warreni (Parks 1926) [=Thescelosaurus warreni] NS04
                |--Thescelosaurus Gilmore 1913 NS04
                |    `--T. neglectus Gilmore 1913 [incl. T. edmontonensis Sternberg 1940] NS04
                `--Bugenasaura Galton 1995 NS04
                     `--B. infernalis Galton 1995 NS04 (see below for synonymy)

Ornithopoda incertae sedis:
  Othnielia Galton 1977 NS04
    `--O. rex (Marsh 1877) (see below for synonymy) NS04
  Drinker Bakker, Galton et al. 1990 NS04
    `--D. nisti Bakker, Galton et al. 1990 NS04
  Leaellynasaura Rich & Rich 1989 NS04
    `--L. amicagraphica Rich & Rich 1989 NS04
  Fulgurotherium Huene 1932 NS04
    `--F. australe Huene 1932 NS04
  Oryctodromeus Varricchio, Martin & Katsura 2007 D07
    `--O. cubicularis D07
  Anabisetia Coria & Calvo 1998 ZY09, NS04
    `--A. saldiviai Coria & Calvo 2002 NS04
  Talenkauen ZY09
  Jeholosaurus Xu, Wang & You 2000 NS04
    `--J. shangyuanensis Xu, Wang & You 2000 NS04

Bugenasaura infernalis Galton 1995 NS04 [incl. Thescelosaurus garbanii Morris 1976 NS04, Stygimoloch garbanii S03]

Othnielia rex (Marsh 1877) [=Nanosaurus rex; incl. Laosaurus consors Marsh 1894, L. gracilis Marsh 1878] NS04

*Type species of generic name indicated


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Last updated: 6 August 2017.

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