Skeletal mount of Probactrosaurus gobiensis, copyright Greg Goebel.

Belongs within: Iguanodontia.
Contains: Hadrosauridae.

The name Hadrosauroidea has been used for a clade uniting the Hadrosauridae and Ouranosaurus; it is here used for the smallest clade uniting these two taxa as found in the phylogenetic analysis by Norman (2004). Supporting characters for this clade were not explicitly listed. Ouranosaurus nigeriensis was a relatively large ornithopod from the early Cretaceous of Niger, most noted from the relatively long neural spines arising from its vertebrae.

    |  i. s.: Jinzhousaurus Wang & Xu 2001 N04
    |           `--J. yangi Wang & Xu 2001 N04
    |--Ouranosaurus Taquet 1976 N04
    |    `--O. nigeriensis Taquet 1976 N04
    `--+--+--Eolambia Kirkland 1998 N04
       |  |    `--E. caroljonesa Kirkland 1998 N04
       |  `--Altirhinus Norman 1998 N04
       |       `--A. kurzanovi Norman 1998 N04 [incl. Iguanodon orientalis D07]
       `--+--Protohadros Head 1998 N04
          |    `--P. byrdi Head 1998 N04
          `--+--+--Hadrosauridae N04
             |  `--Nanyangosaurus Xu, Zhao et al. 2000 XZ00
             |       `--*N. zhugeii Xu, Zhao et al. 2000 XZ00
             `--Probactrosaurus Rozhdestvensky 1966 N04
                  |--P. alashanicus Rozhdestvensky 1966 N04
                  |--P. gobiensis Rozhdestvensky 1966 N04
                  `--P. mazongshanensis Lü 1997 N04

*Type species of generic name indicated


[D07] Dixon, D. 2007. The Complete Illustrated Encyclopedia of Dinosaurs & Prehistoric Creatures. Hermes House: London.

[N04] Norman, D. B. 2004. Basal Iguanodontia. In: Weishampel, D. B., P. Dodson & H. Osmólska (eds) The Dinosauria 2nd ed. pp. 413–437. University of California Press: Berkeley.

[XZ00] Xu X., Zhao X.-J., Lü J.-C., Huang W.-B., Li Z.-Y. & Dong Z.-M. 2000. A new iguanodontian from Sangping Formation of Neixiang, Henan and its stratigraphical implication. Vertebrata PalAsiatica 38 (3): 176–191.

Last updated: 5 August 2017.

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