Male Gonyleptes fragilis, copyright Pedro H. Martins.

Belongs within: Gonyleptidae.

Gonyleptes is a diverse genus of harvestmen in southern Brazil.

Characters (from Pinto-da-Rocha et al. 2012): Generally large, dorsal scutum length longer than 8 mm, with males having femur IV with conspicuous armature and scutal areas I–III convex in lateral view. Penis with ventral plate very convex, apex of ventral process serrate and semicircular.

<==Gonyleptes Kirby 1819 KA-Z11 (see below for synonymy)
    |--*G. horridus Kirby 1819 K03, KA-Z11 (see below for synonymy)
    |--G. acanthopus (Quoy & Gaimard 1824) K03 (see below for synonymy)
    |--G. armatus Perty 1833 (n. d.) K03
    |--G. banana Kury 2003 (see below for synonymy) K03
    |--G. barbiellinii Mello-Leitão 1932 (see below for synonymy) K03
    |--G. borgmeyeri Mello-Leitão 1932 [=G. borgmeieri (l. c.)] K03
    |--G. calcaripes (Roewer 1917) [=*Metagoniosoma calcaripes; incl. G. eneodon Mello-Leitão 1931] K03
    |--G. curticornis (Mello-Leitão 1940) (see below for synonymy) K03
    |--G. espiritosantensis Soares 1944 KA-Z11, K03
    |--G. fragilis Mello-Leitão 1923 [incl. G. flavipes Mello-Leitão 1923, G. perlatus Piza 1938] K03
    |--G. gertschi Soares & Soares 1948 K03
    |--G. gonyleptoides (Soares & Soares 1945) [=Stephanocranion gonyleptoides] K03
    |--G. granulatus (Piza 1940) [=*Melloleitaniella granulata] K03
    |--G. guttatus Roewer 1917 [=Melloleitaniella guttata] K03
    |--G. melloleitaoi Kury & Alonso-Zarazaga 2011 (see below for synonymy) KA-Z11
    |--G. parcigranulatus Soares & Soares 1949 [=G. paucigranulatus Mello-Leitão 1932 non Mello-Leitão 1923] K03
    |--G. paucigranulatus Mello-Leitão 1923 [=Melloleitaniella paucigranulata] K03
    |--G. pectinatus Koch 1845 [=Melloleitaniella pectinata] K03
    |--G. pectinipes Roewer 1917 (see below for synonymy) K03
    |--G. pseudogranulatus Soares & Soares 1946 K03
    |--G. pseudoguttatus Giltay 1928 K03
    |--G. pustulatus Sørensen 1884 [=Gonyleptus (l. c.) pustulatus] K03
    |--G. recentissimus Mello-Leitão 1932 K03
    |--G. saprophilus Mello-Leitão 1922 (see below for synonymy) K03
    |--G. vatius Bertkau 1880 K03
    `--G. viridisagittatus Soares & Soares 1945 K03

Gonyleptes Kirby 1819 KA-Z11 [=Gonoleptes (l. c.) K03, Gonoleptus (l. c.) K03, Gonyleptis (l. c.) K03; incl. Melloleitaniella Piza 1940 K03, Mendesius Roewer 1943 K03, Metagoniosoma Roewer 1917 K03]

Gonyleptes acanthopus (Quoy & Gaimard 1824) K03 [=Phalangium acanthopus K03; incl. G. almeidai Soares & Soares 1945 K03, G. cervus Roewer 1913 K03, Eusarcus grandis Perty 1833 K03, Eusarchus (l. c.) grandis R23, Gonyleptes acanthopus var. imbellicus Bertkau 1880 R23]

Gonyleptes banana Kury 2003 [=Mendesius guttatus Roewer 1952 non G. guttatus Roewer 1917, Jupuvura punctata Soares & Soares 1949] K03

Gonyleptes barbiellinii Mello-Leitão 1932 [=G. barbiellinu (l. c.); incl. G. crassus Mello-Leitão 1944, G. lanei Piza 1938] K03

Gonyleptes curticornis (Mello-Leitão 1940) [=Anomaloleptes curticornis, Liogonyleptoides curticornis; incl. Gonyleptes ubatubae Soares 1945] K03

*Gonyleptes horridus Kirby 1819 K03, KA-Z11 [=Gonoleptes (l. c.) horridus K03, Gonyleptus (l. c.) horridus K03; incl. *Mendesius albipunctatus Roewer 1943 K03, Jupuvura albipunctata K03, Weyhia curvicornis Roewer 1913 K03, Geraecormobius curvicornis K03, Ge. curvivornis (l. c.) K03, Gonyleptes lacrimosus Mello-Leitão 1932 K03, Melloleitaniella lacrimosa K03]

Gonyleptes melloleitaoi Kury & Alonso-Zarazaga 2011 [=G. curvicornis Mello-Leitão 1932 non Weyhia curvicornis Roewer 1913] KA-Z11

Gonyleptes pectinipes Roewer 1917 [=Melloleitaniella pectinipes; incl. M. bunoweyhioides Piza 1943, Gonyleptes bunoweyhioides] K03

Gonyleptes saprophilus Mello-Leitão 1922 [incl. Go. atrus Mello-Leitão 1923, Melloleitaniella atra, Weyhia bisignata Mello-Leitão 1933, Geraecormobius bisignata, Ge. bisignatus, W. brieni Giltay 1928, Gonyleptes brieni, Go. brienni (l. c.), Melloleitaniella brieni, Go. itatiayae Mello-Leitão 1932, Geraecormobius jimi Soares & Soares 1974, Go. niger Mello-Leitão 1932 (n. n.), Gyndesops pretiosus Mello-Leitão 1949, Temucus pretiosus] K03

*Type species of generic name indicated


[K03] Kury, A. B. 2003. Annotated catalogue of the Laniatores of the New World (Arachnida, Opiliones). Revista Ibérica de Aracnología, volumen especial monográfico 1: 1–337.

[KA-Z11] Kury, A. B., & M. A. Alonso-Zarazaga. 2011. Addenda and corrigenda to the "Annotated catalogue of the Laniatores of the New World (Arachnida, Opiliones)". Zootaxa 3034: 47–68.

Pinto-da-Rocha, R., A. Benedetti, E. de Vasconcelos & M. Hara. 2012. New systematic assignments in Gonyleptoidea (Arachnida, Opiliones, Laniatores). ZooKeys 198: 25–68.

[R23] Roewer, C.-F. 1923. Die Weberknechte der Erde: Systematische Bearbeitung der bisher bekannnten Opiliones. Gustav Fischer: Jena.

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