Mischonyx cuspidatus, copyright Osvaldo Villarreal.

Belongs within: Gonyleptidae.

Mischonyx is a genus of gonyleptid harvestmen found in southern Brazil.

Characters (from Vasconcelos 2005): Tuber oculorum with two spines; opisthosomal areas I, II and III with tubercles; posterior margin with two tubercles or spines or a median spine; free tergite I with paired or unpaired armature; free tergites II and III with a median spine.

<==Mischonyx Bertkau 1880 V05 (see below for synonymy)
    |--*M. squalidus Bertkau 1880 V05 (see below for synonymy)
    |--M. anomalus (Mello-Leitão 1936) [=Xundarava anomala] V05
    |--M. antiquus (Mello-Leitão 1934) V05 (see below for synonymy)
    |--M. cuspidatus (Roewer 1913) V05 (see below for synonymy)
    |--M. fidelis (Mello-Leitão 1931) V05 [=*Eduardoius fidelis K03]
    |--M. holacanthus (Mello-Leitão 1927) V05 (see below for synonymy)
    |--M. insulanus (Soares 1972) V05 [=Ilhaia insulana K03]
    |--M. intermedius (Mello-Leitão 1935) V05 [=Ilhaia intermedia K03; incl. *Penygorna infuscata Mello-Leitão 1936 K03]
    |--M. kaisara Vasconcelos 2004 V05
    |--M. poeta Vasconcelos 2005 V05
    |--M. processigerus (Soares & Soares 1970) V05 [=Ilhaia processigera K03]
    `--M. sulinus (Soares & Soares 1947) [=Ilhaia sulina] K03

Mischonyx Bertkau 1880 V05 [incl. Anoploleptes Piza 1940 K03, Arleius Mello-Leitão 1935 K03, Bunoleptes Mello-Leitão 1935 K03, Cryptomeloleptes Mello-Leitão 1931 K03, Eduardoius Mello-Leitão 1931 K03, Giltaya Mello-Leitão 1932 K03, Ilhaia Roewer 1913 V05, Jlhaia (l. c.) K03, Penygorna Mello-Leitão 1936 K03, Xundarava Mello-Leitão 1927 K03]

Mischonyx antiquus (Mello-Leitão 1934) V05 [=Gonyleptes antiquus K03, Paragonyleptes antiquus K03; incl. *Anoploleptes dubium Piza 1940 K03]

Mischonyx cuspidatus (Roewer 1913) V05 [=*Ilhaia cuspidata K03, Jlhaia cuspidata K03; incl. I. fluminensis Mello-Leitão 1922 K03, J. fluminensis K03, Eduardoius granulosus Mello-Leitão 1931 K03, Ilhaia granulosa K03, Eduardoius lutescens Roewer 1943 K03, I. lutescens K03, *Giltaya solitaria Mello-Leitão 1932 K03]

Mischonyx holacanthus (Mello-Leitão 1927) V05 [=*Xundarava holacantha K03, Ilhaia holacantha K03; incl. Weyhia absconsa Mello-Leitão 1932 K03, Geraecormobius absconsa K03, G. absconsus K03, G. carioca Mello-Leitão 1940 K03, Weyhia vellardi Mello-Leitão in Soares & Soares 1987 (n. n.) K03]

*Mischonyx squalidus Bertkau 1880 V05 [incl. *Bunoleptes armatus Mello-Leitão 1935 K03, Geraecormobius cervicornis Mello-Leitão 1940 K03, *Arleius incisus Mello-Leitão 1935 K03, Ilhaia incisa K03, Weyhia parva Roewer 1917 K03, Geraecormobius parva K03, G. parvus K03, Ilhaia parva K03, *Cryptomeloleptes spinosus Mello-Leitão 1931 K03]

*Type species of generic name indicated


[K03] Kury, A. B. 2003. Annotated catalogue of the Laniatores of the New World (Arachnida, Opiliones). Revista Ibérica de Aracnología, volumen especial monográfico 1: 1–337.

[V05] Vasconcelos, E. G. 2005. Nova espécie de Mischonyx do Estado do Rio de Janeiro, Brasil (Arachnida, Opiliones, Gonyleptidae). Iheringia, Série Zoologie 95 (3): 229–232.

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