Skeletal mount of Hypacrosaurus altispinus, copyright Roland Tanglao.

Belongs within: Hadrosauroidea.
Contains: Hadrosaurinae.

The Hadrosauridae are a group of large herbivorous dinosaurs known from the Late Cretaceous of Eurasia and North and South America, recognised by Horner et al. (2004) as the least inclusive clade containing Telmatosaurus and Parasaurolophus. Most hadrosaurids can be divided between the sublineages Hadrosaurinae and Lambeosaurinae; members of the latter group often possessed large crests formed from posterior expansions of the nasal bones.

Characters (from Horner et al. 2004): Three or more replacement teeth present per tooth family; dentary tooth row extending distally to terminate caudal to apex of coronoid process, caudalmost termination of dentary well behind coronoid process; surangular foramen absent; ectopterygoid and jugal not in contact; supraorbital absent or fused to orbit rim; neural arches with cervical zygapophyseal peduncles elevated to extend well above level of neural canal; postzygapophyses long, dorsally arched; coracoid bearing long cranioventral process extending well below glenoid; proximal scapula dorsoventrally narrow, with acromion process projecting horizontally, notched cranioventral corner, reduced area for coracoid articulation; femur bearing deep intercondylar extensor groove, with edges meeting or nearly meeting cranially to enclose extensor tunnel.

    |--Telmatosaurus Nopcsa 1903 [incl. Hecatasaurus Brown 1910, Limnosaurus Nopcsa 1900] HWF04
    |    |--T. cantabrigiensis D07
    |    `--T. transsylvanicus Nopcsa 1900 HWF04 [=Limnosaurus transsylvanicus HWF04, Orthomerus transsylvanicus PST99]
    `--Euhadrosauria HWF04
         |--Hadrosaurinae HWF04
         `--Lambeosaurinae HWF04
              |  i. s.: Pararhabdodon isonesis WJ03
              |         Barsboldia Maryańska & Osmólska 1981 HWF04
              |           `--B. sicinskii Maryańska & Osmólska 1981 HWF04
              |         Nipponosaurus Nagao 1936 HWF04
              |           `--N. sachalinensis Nagao 1936 HWF04
              |         Bactrosaurus Gilmore 1933 D07
              |           |--B. johnsoni Gilmore 1933 HWF04
              |           |--B. kyzylkumensis D07
              |           `--B. prynadai Riabinin 1939 (n. d.) HWF04
              |--Tsintaosaurus Young 1958 HWF04
              |    `--T. spinorhinus Young 1958 [incl. Tanius laiyangensis Zhen 1976] HWF04
              `--+--Jaxartosaurus Riabinin 1939 GBA03, HWF04
                 |    |--J. aralensis Riabinin 1939 [incl. Procheneosaurus convincens Rozhdestvensky 1968] HWF04
                 |    `--J. fuyunensis Wu 1984 (n. d.) HWF04
                 `--+--Amurosaurus Bolotsky & Kurzanov 1991 GBA03, HWF04
                    |    `--A. riabinini Bolotsky & Kurzanov 1991 HWF04
                    `--+--+--Charonosaurus Godefroit, Zan & Jin 2000 GBA03, HWF04
                       |  |    `--C. jiayinensis Godefroit, Zan & Jin 2000 HWF04
                       |  `--Parasaurolophus Parks 1922 GBA03, HWF04
                       |       |--P. cyrtocristatus Ostrom 1961 HWF04
                       |       |--P. tubicen Wiman 1931 HWF04
                       |       `--P. walkeri Parks 1922 HWF04
                       `--+--Lambeosaurus Parks 1923 GBA03, HWF04 [incl. Didanodon Osborn 1902 HWF04]
                          |    |--L. lambei Parks 1923 HWF04 (see below for synonymy)
                          |    |--L. laticaudus Morris 1981 HWF04
                          |    `--L. magnicristatus Sternberg 1935 HWF04
                          `--+--Corythosaurus Brown 1914 GBA03, HWF04 [incl. Procheneosaurus Matthew 1920 HWF04]
                             |    `--C. casuarius Brown 1914 HWF04 (see below for synonymy)
                             |--Olorotitan Godefroit, Boltsky & Alifanov 2003 GBA03
                             |    `--*O. arharensis Godefroit, Bolotsky & Alifanov 2003 GBA03
                             `--Hypacrosaurus Brown 1913 GBA03, HWF04
                                  |--H. altispinus Brown 1913 [incl. Cheneosaurus tolmanensis Lambe 1917] HWF04
                                  |--H. casuarius P88
                                  `--H. stebingeri Horner & Currie 1994 HWF04

Hadrosauridae incertae sedis:
  Gilmoreosaurus Brett-Surman 1979 HWF04
    |--G. arkhangelskyi D07
    |--G. atavus D07
    `--G. mongoliensis (Gilmore 1933) [=Mandschurosaurus mongoliensis] HWF04
  Tanius Wiman 1929 HWF04
    `--T. sinensis Wiman 1929 [incl. T. chingkankouensis Young 1958] HWF04
  Claosaurus Marsh 1890 HWF04
    |--C. affinis Wieland 1903 (n. d.) HWF04
    `--C. agilis (Marsh 1872) [=Hadrosaurus agilis] HWF04
  Secernosaurus Brett-Surman 1979 HWF04
    `--S. koerneri Brett-Surman 1979 HWF04
  Arstanosaurus akkurganensis Suslov & Shilin 1982 (n. d.) HWF04
  Cionodon HWF04
    |--C. arctatus Cope 1874 (n. d.) HWF04
    |--C. kysylkumensis Riabinin 1931 (n. d.) HWF04
    `--C. stenopsis Cope 1875 (n. d.) HWF04
  Claorhynchus trihedrus Cope 1892 (n. d.) HWF04
  Diclonius HWF04
    |--D. calamarius Cope 1876 (n. d.) HWF04
    |--D. pentagonus Cope 1876 (n. d.) HWF04
    `--D. perangulatus Cope 1876 (n. d.) HWF04
  Hypsibema crassicauda Cope 1869 (n. d.) HWF04
  ‘Iguanodon’ hilli Newton 1892 (n. d.) HWF04
  Mandschurosaurus Riabinin 1930 (n. d.) HWF04
    |--M. amurensis (Riabinin 1925) [=Trachodon amurensis] HWF04
    `--M. laosensis Hoffet 1943 (n. d.) HWF04
  Microhadrosaurus nanshiungensis Dong 1979 (n. d.) HWF04
  Orthomerus HWF04
    |--O. dolloi Seeley 1883 (n. d.) HWF04
    `--O. weberi Riabinin 1945 (n. d.) HWF04
  Parrosaurus Gilmore 1945 (n. d.) HWF04
    `--*P. missouriensis (Gilmore & Stewart 1945) [=Neosaurus missouriensis] HWF04
  Pteropelyx grallipes Cope 1889 (n. d.) HWF04
  Thespesius occidentalis Leidy 1856 (n. d.) HWF04
  Trachodon HWF04
    |--T. altidens Lambe 1902 (n. d.) HWF04
    |--T. cantabrigiensis Lydekker 1888 (n. d.) HWF04
    |--T. marginatus Lambe 1902 (n. d.) HWF04
    |--T. mirabilis Leidy 1856 (n. d.) HWF04
    `--T. selwyni Lambe 1902 (n. d.) HWF04

Corythosaurus casuarius Brown 1914 HWF04 [incl. C. bicristatus Parks 1935 HWF04, C. brevicristatus Parks 1935 HWF04, Tetragonosaurus cranibrevis Sternberg 1935 HWF04, Procheneosaurus cranibrevis D75, T. erectofrons Parks 1931 HWF04, P. erectofrons D75, Corythosaurus excavatus Gilmore 1923 HWF04, C. intermedius Parks 1923 HWF04]

Lambeosaurus lambei Parks 1923 HWF04 [incl. L. clavinitialis Sternberg 1935 HWF04, Corythosaurus frontalis Parks 1935 HWF04, Tetragonosaurus praeceps Parks 1931 HWF04, Procheneosaurus praeceps D75]

*Type species of generic name indicated


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Last updated: 3 July 2018.

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