Orthopsis miliaris, copyright Sartha.

Belongs within: Euechinoidea.

The Orthopsidae are a group of echinoids of uncertain affinities known from the Lower Jurassic to the Upper Cretaceous (Fell & Pawson 1966).

Characters (from Fell & Pawson 1966): Test small or large, regularly hemispherical or globular. Lantern camarodont (known only in Orthopsis). Ambulacra simple, without compounded plates, at most with only incipient triads; zygopores arranged in straight meridians. Tubercles perforate, noncrenulate. Apical system dicyclic, exceptionally with posterior oculars insert. Spines unknown.

Orthopsidae [Orthopsida, Orthopsina, Orthopsinae] FP66
    |--Brochechinus Lambert & Thiéry 1908 FP66
    |    `--*B. elisae Lambert & Thiéry 1908 FP66
    |--Dubarechinus Lambert 1937 FP66
    |    `--*D. despujolsi Lambert 1937 FP66
    |--Gymnodiadema de Loriol 1884 FP66
    |    `--*G. choffati de Loriol 1884 FP66
    |--Orthocidaris Cotteau 1862 FP66
    |    `--*O. inermis (Gras 1848) [=Hemicidaris inermis] FP66
    |--Scaptodiadema de Loriol 1891 FP66
    |    `--*S. matheyi de Loriol 1891 FP66
    `--Orthopsis Cotteau 1864 (see below for synonymy) FP66
         |--*O. miliaris (d’Archiac 1835) [=Cidarites miliaris] FP66
         |--O. flouesti Cotteau 1867 [=*Miorthopsis flouesti] FP66
         `--O. similis Stoliczka 1873 [=*Arialopsis similis, *Stephanopsis similis, *Stephomma simile] FP66

Orthopsis Cotteau 1864 [incl. Arialopsis Lambert & Thiéry 1925, Miorthopsis Pomel 1883, Stephanopsis Lambert 1900 non Bedot 1896, Stephomma Stechow 1921] FP66

*Type species of generic name indicated


[FP66] Fell, H. B., & D. L. Pawson. 1966. Echinacea. In: Moore, R. C. (ed.) Treatise on Invertebrate Paleontology pt U. Echinodermata 3 vol. 2 pp. U367–U440. The Geological Society of America, Inc., and The University of Kansas Press.

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