Echinolampas sternopetala, copyright Koghisberg's Collections.

Belongs within: Nucleolitidae.

The Echinolampadidae are a group of irregular echinoids known from the Cenomanian epoch of the Cretaceous to the present (Kier 1966).

Characters (from Kier 1966): Medium-sized to large, usually highly inflated; apical system tetrabasal or monobasal; petals long, open, usually with unequal poriferous zones, single pores in ambulacral plates beyond petals; periproct marginal to inframarginal, transverse or longitudinal; bourrelets well developed; phyllodes widened, with few or many pores; narrow, naked, granular zone in interambulacrum 5; buccal pores present.

<==Echinolampadidae K66
    |  i. s.: Pygastrides Lovén 1888 K66
    |           `--*P. relictus Lovén 1888 K66
    |--Arnaudaster Lambert 1918 K66
    |    `--*A. gauthieri Lambert 1920 K66
    `--+--Parapygus Pomel 1883 [incl. Pseudocatopygus Cotteau & Gauthier 1895, Rostropygus Szörényi 1955] K66
       |    |--*P. cotteauanus (d’Orbigny 1856) [=Botriopygus cotteauanus] K66
       |    |--*Rostropygus’ annae Szörényi 1955 K66
       |    `--*Pseudocatopygus’ longior Cotteau & Gauthier 1895 K66
       `--+--Plesiolampas Duncan & Sladen 1882 [incl. Oriolampas Munier-Chalmas 1882] K66
          |    |--*P. elongata Duncan & Sladen 1882 K66
          |    `--‘Amblypygus’ michelini Cotteau 1856 [=*Oriolampas michelini] K66
          `--+--Conolampas Agassiz 1883 K66
             |    `--*C. sigsbei (Agassiz 1878) [=Conoclypus sigsbei] K66
             `--Echinolampas Gray 1825 (see below for synonymy) K66
                  |--*E. oviformis (Gmelin 1789) [=Echinus oviformis] K66
                  |--E. africanus de Loriol 1888 [=*Libyolampas africanus] K66
                  |--E. ataxensis Cotteau 1890 [=*Oeidolampas ataxensis] K66
                  |--*Palaeolampas’ crassa Bell 1880 K66
                  |--E. depressa Gray 1851 [=*Miolampas depressa] K66
                  |--‘Hypsoclypus’ doma Pomel 1887 [=*Hypsoheteroclypeus doma] K66
                  |--E. florescens Pomel 1883 [=*Euechinolampas florescens] K66
                  |--E. fraasi de Loriol 1880 [=*Conolampas fraasi] K66
                  |--E. goujoni Pomel 1888 [=*Isolampas goujoni] K66
                  |--‘Clypeaster’ hemisphericus Lamarck 1816 (see below for synonymy) K66
                  |--‘Caratomus’ lehoni Cotteau 1880 [=*Sphelatus lehoni] K66
                  |--E. mattsensis Quenstedt 1830 [=*Merolampas mattsensis] K66
                  |--E. montevialensis Schauroth 1865 [=*Aplolampas montevialensis] K66
                  |--‘Conoclypus’ plagiosomus Agassiz 1840 (see below for synonymy) K66
                  |--‘Clypeaster’ politus Lamarck 1816 [=*Politolampas politus] K66
                  |--E. posterocrassus Gregory 1890 [incl. *Progonolampas novaehollandae Bittner 1892] K66
                  |--E. raulini Cotteau 1863 [=*Craterolampas raulini] K66
                  |--E. scutiformis Desmoulins 1837 [=*Psammolampas scutiformis] K66
                  |--‘Galerites’ semiglobus Lamarck 1816 [=*Heteroclypeus semiglobus] K66
                  |--‘Clypeaster’ stelliferus Lamarck 1816 [=*Cypholampas stelliferus] K66
                  |--E. sternopetala Agassiz & Clarke 1907 [=*Planilampas sternopetala] K66
                  `--E. subcylindricus Desor 1853 [=*Cylindrolampas subcylindricus] K66

‘Clypeaster’ hemisphericus Lamarck 1816 [=*Macrolampas hemisphericus, *Pachylampas hemisphericus] K66

‘Conoclypus’ plagiosomus Agassiz 1840 [=*Scutolampas plagiosomus; incl. C. lucae Desor in Agassiz & Desor 1847, *Hypsoclypus lucae] K66

Echinolampas Gray 1825 [incl. Aplolampas Lambert 1906, Conolampas Pomel 1883 non Agassiz 1883, Craterolampas Cotteau 1891, Cylindrolampas Lambert 1918, Cypholampas Lambert 1906, Euechinolampas Pomel 1887, Heteroclypeus Cotteau 1891, Hypsoclypus Pomel 1869, Hypsoheteroclypeus Szörényi 1953, Isolampas Lambert 1906, Libyolampas Lambert 1914, Macrolampas Lambert 1906, Merolampas Pomel 1883, Miolampas Pomel 1883, Oeidolampas Lambert 1918, Pachylampas Lambert 1918, Palaeolampas Bell 1880, Planilampas Mortensen 1948, Politolampas Lambert 1918, Progonolampas Bittner 1892, Psammolampas Lambert 1913, Scutolampas Lambert 1906, Sphelatus Pomel 1883] K66

*Type species of generic name indicated


[K66] Kier, P. M. 1966. Cassiduloids. In: Moore, R. C. (ed.) Treatise on Invertebrate Paleontology pt U. Echinodermata 3 vol. 2 pp. U492–U523. The Geological Society of America, Inc., and The University of Kansas Press.

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