Stygomomonia sp., from Water Mites of North America.

Belongs within: Neohydrachnidia.

The Momoniidae are a group of more or less well-sclerotised, interstitial or hyporheic water mites whose larvae, where known, are parasites of Trichoptera. Members of the type genus Momonia are found in streams and lakes in southern Eurasia and North America (Walter et al. 2009).

Characters (from Walter et al. 2009): Adults with tibia I much longer than tarsus; claw of leg I flexing proximad to oppose dorsal surface of tarsus. Larva with idiosoma moderately flattened dorsoventrally; gnathosoma projecting beyond anterior edge of dorsal plate, entirely exposed in dorsal view; dorsal plate bearing four pairs of setae (verticils and scapulars), with setae c1 on lateral membranous integument; setae c2 and d2 thick and long relative to other hysterosomatic setae; excretory pore setae ps1 and ps2 absent, represented by their alveoli on excretory pore plate; legs with five movable segments; leg genua with setae Ge5 borne on tubercles; tibia I bearing eight setae (+2ϕ), including Ti11; leg tarsi lacking setae Tal4, bearing paired claws.

    |--Cladomomonia Orghidan & Gruia 1980 S86 [Cladomomoniinae WL09]
    |    `--C. mirifica Orghidan & Gruia 1980 S86
    |--Momoniinae S86
    |    |--Momonisia Petrova 1974 S86
    |    |    `--M. phreatica Petrova 1974 S86
    |    |--Partidomonia Cook 1983 S86
    |    |    `--P. polyplacophora Cook 1983 S86
    |    |--Momonides Lundblad 1941 S86
    |    |    `--M. lundbladi Angelier 1951 S86
    |    |--Momonia Halbert 1906 S86
    |    |    |  i. s.: M. campylotibia WL09
    |    |    `--M. (Kondia Sokolow 1926) S86
    |    |         `--M. (K.) hopkinsi Schwoerbel 1984 S86
    |    `--Neomomonia Cook 1968 S86
    |         |--N. benova Cook 1983 S86
    |         |--N. hopkinsi Cook 1983 S86
    |         |--N. paramecia Cook 1983 S86
    |         |--N. rotunda Schwoerbel 1984 S86
    |         `--N. torquipes (Hopkins 1966) S86
    `--Stygomomoniinae S86
         |--Xenomomonia Orghidan 1975 S86
         |    `--X. subcentrata Orghidan 1977 S86
         `--Stygomomonia Szalay 1943 S86
              |  i. s.: S. mitchelli WL09
              |         S. torquipes Hopkins 1966 SL71
              |--S. (Stygomomonia) S86
              |    |--S. (S.) hachiojensis Imamura 1959 S86
              |    |--S. (S.) latipes Szalay 1943 S86
              |    |--S. (S.) neomexicana Cook 1968 S86
              |    |--S. (S.) occidentalis Cook 1968 S86
              |    |--S. (S.) ozarkensis Cook 1968 S86
              |    |--S. (S.) pallida Cook 1968 S86
              |    |--S. (S.) riparia Habeeb 1957 S86
              |    |--S. (S.) rotunda Imamura 1956 S86
              |    `--S. (S.) separata Cook 1968 S86
              `--S. (Allomomonia Cook 1968) S86
                   |--S. (A.) kantoensis Imamura 1959 S86
                   `--S. (A.) moodyi Mitchell 1959 S86

Momoniidae incertae sedis:
  Momoniella Viets 1929 RFF05
    |--M. australica Cook 1986 H98
    |--M. parva Cook 1986 H98
    `--M. sudamericana Cook 1988 RFF05
  Hesperomomonia WL09
  Notomomonia Cook 1988 RFF05
    |--N. alza Cook 1988 RFF05
    |--N. anchista Cook 1988 RFF05
    `--N. crassipes Cook 1988 RFF05
  Cyclomomonia andrewsi WL09
  Partidomomonia Cook 1983 H98
    |--P. blythi Harvey 1990 H98
    `--P. cabanandra Harvey 1990 H98

*Type species of generic name indicated


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