Male chestnut-bellied euphonia Euphonia pectoralis, copyright Dario Sanches.

Belongs within: Fringillidae.

Euphonia is a Neotropical genus of frugivorous birds. They are small and dumpy, with a short tail and stubby bill. Males are commonly patterned in dark and yellow whereas females are olive-green (Austin 1961).

<==Euphonia Desmarest 1806 [incl. Tanagra Linnaeus 1764 (nom. rej.); Euphoniinae, Tanagrinae] B94
    |--+--E. pectoralis BKB15
    |  `--+--E. affinis JT12
    |     `--+--E. chlorotica JT12
    |        `--E. finschi JT12
    `--+--E. cyanocephala BKB15
       `--+--+--E. fulvicrissa BKB15
          |  `--E. gouldi JT12
          `--+--E. musica BKB15 [=Tanagra musica SWK87]
             |    |--E. m. musica L81
             |    `--E. m. sclateri L81
             `--+--E. hirundinacea BKB15
                `--E. laniirostris JT12

Euphonia incertae sedis:
  E. anneae JT12
  E. cayennensis JT12
  E. chalybea JT12
  E. chrysopasta JT12
  ‘Tanagra’ coelestis SS66
  E. concinna JT12
  ‘Tanagra’ crassirostris S18
  ‘Tanagra’ darwini [incl. T. frugilegus] Sc66
  E. elegantissima JT12
  ‘Tanagra’ fulvicrissa S18
  E. gracilis Sa66
  E. imitans JT12
  E. jamaica JT12
  E. luteicapilla JT12 [=Tanagra luteicapilla A61]
  ‘Tanagra’ melanoptera SS66
  E. melanura SS66
  E. mesochrysa JT12
  E. minuta SS66 [=Tanagra minuta S18]
    |--E. m. minuta S18
    `--‘Tanagra’ m. humilis S18
  E. plumbea JT12
  E. ruficeps Sa66
  E. rufiventris JT12
  E. rufivertex Salvin 1866 Sa66
  E. saturata JT12
  ‘Tanagra’ striata Sc66
  E. trinitatis JT12
  E. violacea SS66
  E. xanthogaster JT12

*Type species of generic name indicated


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