Atriplex section Arenariae

Atriplex elegans, from World Botanical.

Belongs within: Atriplex.

The subsection Arenariae in the genus Atriplex is a group of erect or procumbent herbs found in North America.

Characters (from Flores Olvera 2003): Erect, spreading or prostrate annuals to perennials. Leaves alternate, sessile to sub-petiolate; blades ovate, elliptic to linear; margin entire, sinuate to dentate; base attenuate, acute, cuneate to rounded. Staminate inflorescences terminal, spicate to paniculate. Fruiting bracteoles 1–7 per axil, sessile to subsessile, 1–3-nerved to tuberculate; margine entire or with 3–39 teeth from the base or the middle, usually the terminal tooth longer than the laterals; apex rounded to triangular.

<==Atriplex subsect. Arenariae (Standley) Welsh 2000 FO03
    |--A. (subsect. *Arenariae) arenaria Nuttall 1818 FO03
    |--A. abata Johnston 1940 FO03
    |--A. confinis Standley 1916 FO03
    |--A. coronata Watson 1874 FO03
    |--A. coulteri (Moquin-Tandon) Dietrich 1852 FO03
    |--A. elegans (Moquin-Tandon) Dietrich 1852 FO03
    |--A. fasciculata Watson 1882 FO03
    |--A. fructiculosa Jeps. 1892 FO03
    |--A. linifolia von Humboldt & Bonpland ex von Willdenow 1806 FO03
    |--A. muricata von Humboldt & Bonpland ex von Willdenow 1806 FO03
    |--A. pacifica Nelson 1904 FO03
    |--A. pentandra (von Jacquin) Standley 1916 FO03
    |--A. pueblensis Standley 1916 FO03
    |--A. serenana Nelson ex Abrams 1904 FO03
    |--A. tampicensis Standley 1916 FO03
    |--A. texana Watson 1874 FO03
    |--A. thornberi (Jones) Standley 1916 FO03
    |--A. valdesii Flores Olvera 1994 FO03
    `--A. wrightii Watson 1874 FO03

*Type species of generic name indicated


[FO03] Flores Olvera, H. 2003. Classification of North American species of Atriplex section Obione (Chenopodiaceae) based on numerical taxonomic analysis. Taxon 52: 247–260.

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