Green-headed tanager Tangara seledon, copyright Lindolfo Souto.

Belongs within: Thraupidae.
Contains: Thraupis.

Tangara is a diverse genus of small tanagers, widespread in the Neotropical region, showing a wide range of bright colour patterns. They feed on a combination of fruit and insects, the latter mostly gleaned off vegetation.

<==Tangara Brisson 1760 [incl. Calliste Boie 1826, Tanagrella Swainson 1838; Callistinae, Tanagrellinae, Tangarinae] B94
    |  i. s.: ‘Calliste’ boliviana SS66
    |         T. cabanisi JT12
    |         T. gyroloides S18
    |         R. peruviana JT12
    |         T. phillipsi JT12
    |         T. rufigenis JT12
    |         ‘Calliste’ yeni SS66
    |--+--+--T. vassorii BKB15
    |  |  `--+--T. nigroviridis JF06
    |  |     `--+--T. dowii JF06
    |  |        `--T. fucosa JF06
    |  `--+--Thraupis BKB15
    |     `--+--+--+--T. larvata BKB15 [=T. nigrocincta larvata L81]
    |        |  |  |    |--T. l. larvata S18
    |        |  |  |    `--T. l. fanny S18
    |        |  |  `--+--T. cyanicollis BKB15
    |        |  |     `--T. nigrocincta BKB15
    |        |  `--+--T. palmeri BKB15
    |        |     `--+--T. varia BKB15
    |        |        `--+--T. rufigula JT12
    |        |           `--+--T. punctata BKB15
    |        |              `--+--T. guttata BKB15
    |        |                 `--T. xanthogastra BKB15 [=Calliste xanthogastra SS66]
    |        `--+--+--T. preciosa BKB15
    |           |  `--+--T. meyerdeschauenseei JT12
    |           |     `--+--T. cayana BKB15
    |           |        `--+--T. cucullata BKB15
    |           |           `--T. vitriolina BKB15
    |           `--+--T. ruficervix BKB15
    |              `--+--T. cyanoptera BKB15
    |                 `--+--T. viridicollis BKB15
    |                    `--+--T. argyrofenges JF06
    |                       `--T. heinei JF06
    `--+--T. labradorides JT12
       `--+--+--+--T. chrysotis JF06
          |  |  `--T. xanthocephala BKB15
          |  `--+--+--T. arthus BKB15
          |     |  `--+--T. florida JF06
          |     |     `--T. icterocephala JF06
          |     `--+--T. johannae BKB15
          |        `--+--T. parzudakii BKB15
          |           `--T. schrankii BKB15 [=Calliste schranki SS66]
          `--+--+--+--T. inornata JF06
             |  |  `--T. mexicana JF06
             |  `--+--T. chilensis JF06
             |     `--+--T. callophrys JF06
             |        `--T. velia JF06
             `--+--+--T. cyanotis BKB15
                |  `--+--T. gyrola BKB15
                |     `--T. lavinia JF06
                `--+--+--T. fastuosa JF06
                   |  `--T. seledon JF06
                   `--+--T. cyanocephala JF06
                      `--+--T. cyanoventris JT12
                         `--T. desmaresti JF06

*Type species of generic name indicated


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