Orange-cheeked waxbill Estrilda melpoda, copyright Rainbirder.

Belongs within: Estrildidae.

Estrilda, the waxbills, is a genus of finch-like birds found in Africa and Arabia. Most species have bright red bills whose waxy appearance gives them their vernacular name.

<==Estrilda Swainson 1827 [=Astrilda (l. c.), Estrelda (l. c.)] B94
    |--+--E. caerulescens BKB15
    |  `--E. erythronotos JF06
    `--+--E. perreini BKB15
       `--+--+--E. melpoda BKB15
          |  `--E. rhodopyga BKB15
          `--+--E. nonnula BKB15
             `--+--+--E. astrild BKB15
                |  |    |--E. a. astrild L81
                |  |    |--E. a. jagoensis L81
                |  |    `--E. a. sanctaehelenae L81
                |  `--E. atricapilla BKB15
                `--+--E. paludicola BKB15
                   `--E. troglodytes BKB15

Estrilda incertae sedis:
  E. amandava A61
  E. formosa A61
  E. charmosyna JT12
  E. kandti JT12
  E. locustella FP64
  E. nigriloris JT12
  E. nitidula A61
  E. poliopareia JT12
  E. rufibarba JT12
  E. thomensis JT12

*Type species of generic name indicated


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