Marsh seedeater Sporophila palustris, copyright Cristian Andrei.

Belongs within: Thraupidae.

Sporophila, the seedeaters, is a genus of finch-like birds found in the Neotropical region. Members of this genus have a distinctly short and stubby bill with a strongly curved culmen.

<==Sporophila Cabanis 1827 [incl. Spermophila Swainson 1827; Spermophilinae, Sporophilinae] B94
    |--S. torqueola BKB15
    `--+--+--+--S. plumbea BKB15
       |  |  `--+--S. falcirostris JT12
       |  |     `--S. schistacea BKB15 [=S. grisea schistacea S18]
       |  `--+--Dolospingus fringilloides BKB15
       |     `--+--S. leucoptera BKB15
       |        `--+--S. collaris BKB15
       |           `--+--S. luctuosa BKB15
       |              `--+--S. caerulescens JT12 [=Spermophila caerulescens SS66]
       |                 `--S. nigricollis JT12 [=Spermophila nigricollis SS66]
       `--+--+--S. intermedia BKB15
          |  `--+--S. americana JT12
          |     `--S. corvina JT12
          `--+--+--S. castaneiventris BKB15 [=Spermophila castaneiventris SS66]
             |  `--S. telasco JT12
             `--+--S. minuta JT12
               `--+--S. bouvreuil BKB15
                  `--+--+--S. hypoxantha BKB15
                     |  `--S. palustris BKB15
                     `--+--+--S. cinnamomea BKB15
                        |  `--S. melanogaster JT12
                        `--+--S. nigrorufa BKB15
                           `--+--S. hypochroma JT12
                              `--S. ruficollis JT12

Sporophila incertae sedis:
  S. albogularis JT12
  S. ardesiaca JT12
  S. aurita A61
  S. bouvronides JT12 [=Spermophila bouvronides SS66]
  S. frontalis JT12
  S. gutturalis S18
  S. lineola JT12 [=Spermophila lineola SS66]
  S. melanops JT12
  S. morelleti FS55
    |--S. m. morelleti FS55
    `--S. m. mutanda FS55
  S. murallae JT12
  ‘Spermophila’ ocellata Sclater & Salvin 1866 SS66
  S. peruviana JT12
  S. saturata MS55
  ‘Spermophila’ semicollaris SS66
  S. simplex JT12
  S. zelichi JF06

Sporophila Cabanis 1827 [incl. Spermophila Swainson 1827; Spermophilinae, Sporophilinae]

*Type species of generic name indicated


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