Red-eyed dove Streptopelia semitorquata, copyright Atamari.

Belongs within: Columbidae.

Streptopelia, the turtledoves, is a genus of pigeons found in Africa and southern Asia. Members of this genus generally have pinkish underparts and a distinctive collar of black or black and white patterning around the nape. The Barbary dove S. risoria is a domesticated derivative of either the Eurasian collared dove S. decaocto or the African collared dove S. roseogrisea.

See also: The voice of the turtle.

<==Streptopelia Bonaparte 1855 CC10 [incl. Turtur Selby 1835 non Boddaert 1783 T62]
    |  i. s.: *S. risoria (Linnaeus 1758) CC10 [=Columba risoria CC10, S. decaocto risoria FP64, Turtur risorius CC10]
    |         S. lugens (Rüppell 1837) S05 [=Columba lugens S05, Turtur lugens T62]
    |           |--S. l. lugens T62
    |           `--S. l. funebrea T62
    |         S. reichenowi JT12
    |--+--S. capicola JT12
    |  |    |--S. c. capicola T62
    |  |    |--S. c. anceps T62
    |  |    |--S. c. bailundensis T62
    |  |    |--S. c. damarensis T62
    |  |    |--S. c. dryas T62
    |  |    |--S. c. electa T62
    |  |    |--S. c. hilgerti T62
    |  |    |--S. c. somalica T62
    |  |    `--S. c. tropica T62
    |  `--S. vinacea JT12
    |       |--S. v. vinacea T62
    |       |--S. v. barbaru T62
    |       |--S. v. erythreae T62
    |       |--S. v. grotei T62
    |       |--S. v. savannae T62
    |       `--S. v. schoana T62
    `--+--+--S. semitorquata JT12
       |  |    |--S. s. semitorquata T62
       |  |    |--S. s. erythrophrys T62
       |  |    |--S. s. maxima T62
       |  |    `--S. s. minor T62
       |  `--+--S. decipiens JT12
       |     |    |--S. d. decipiens T62
       |     |    |--S. d. ambigua T62
       |     |    |--S. d. elegans T62
       |     |    |--S. d. griseiventris T62
       |     |    |--S. d. logonensis T62
       |     |    |--S. d. permista T62
       |     |    |--S. d. perspicillata T62
       |     |    `--S. d. shelleyi T62
       |     `--+--S. decaocto (Frivaldszky 1838) JT12, I92
       |        |    |--S. d. decaocto T62
       |        |    |--S. d. stoliczkae T62
       |        |    `--S. d. xanthocyclus T62
       |        `--S. roseogrisea (Sundevall 1857) JT12, CC10 [=Columba roseogrisea CC10]
       `--+--S. tranquebarica BKB15 [=Oenopopelia tranquebarica T62]
          |    |--S. t. tranquebarica T62
          |    |--S. t. humilis T62
          |    `--S. t. murmensis T62
          `--+--S. bitorquata (Temminck in Knip 1811) BKB15, CC10 [=Columba bitorquata CC10]
             |    |--S. b. bitorquata L81
             |    `--S. b. dusumieri L81
             `--+--S. orientalis JT12 [=Turtur orientalis T62]
                |    |--S. o. orientalis T62
                |    |--S. o. agricola [=Columba agricola] T62
                |    |--S. o. meena T62
                |    |--S. o. orii T62
                |    `--S. o. stimpsoni T62
                `--+--S. hypopyrrha JT12 [=S. lugens hypopyrrha T62]
                   `--S. turtur (Linnaeus 1758) JT12, CC10 [=Columba turtur CC10, Turtur turtur CC10]
                        |--S. t. turtur S05
                        |--S. t. arenicola T62
                        |--S. t. hoggara T62
                        |--S. t. isabellina (Bonaparte 1856) S05 [=Turtur isabellinus T62]
                        `--S. t. loei T62

*Type species of generic name indicated


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