Female great-tailed grackles Quiscalus mexicanus, copyright Linda Tanner.

Belongs within: Icteridae.

Quiscalus, the grackles, are a genus of gregarious, omnivorous birds found in southern North America and northern South America. Members of the genus have long wedge-shaped tails; males have iridescent black plumage whereas females are rusty brown.

<==Quiscalus Vieillot 1816 (see below for synonymy) B94
    |  i. s.: Q. aequatorialis SS66
    |         ‘Cassidix’ orizivora S18
    |           |--C. o. orizivora S18
    |           `--C. o. violea S18
    |--Q. palustris BKB15 [=Cassidix palustris FP64]
    |--Q. quiscula JF06
    |    |--Q. q. quiscula [incl. Q. quiscula stonei] YS68
    |    `--Q. q. versicolor [incl. Q. quiscula ridgwayi] YS68
    `--+--Q. lugubris BKB15
       |    |--Q. l. lugubris L81
       |    `--Q. l. fortirostris L81
       `--+--Q. nicaraguensis BKB15 [=Cassidix nicaraguensis FP64]
          `--+--Q. niger BKB15
             `--+--Q. major JF06
                `--Q. mexicanus JF06 [=Cassidix mexicanus FP64]

Quiscalus Vieillot 1816 [incl. Cassidix Lesson 1831, Chalcophanes Wagler 1827; Chalcophaninae, Quiscalinae] B94

*Type species of generic name indicated


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