Mating pair of Atractomorpha sinensis, from here.

Belongs within: Caelifera.

The Pyrgomorphidae are a family of grasshoppers characterised by the presence of a median longitudinal sulcus (groove) extending backwards along the fastigium of the vertex of the head (Rentz 1996). They are diverse in appearance, and some are brightly coloured.

<==Pyrgomorphidae [Pyrgomorphoidea]
    |  i. s.: Miopyrgomorpha fischeri Z02
    |         Brunniella [Brunniellini] K72
    `--Pyrgomorphinae R96
         |  i. s.: Pyrgomorpha conica (Olivier 1791) P05
         |         Omura congrua Walker 1870 R18
         |--Desmoptera [Desmopterini] R96
         |    `--D. truncatipennis R96
         |--Petasidini R96
         |    |--Petasida ephippigera R96
         |    `--Scutillya verrucosa R96
         |--Atractomorpha [Atractomorphini] R96
         |    |--A. aurivillii B01
         |    |--A. australis R96
         |    |--A. bedeli B01
         |    |--A. hypoestes R96
         |    |--A. similis R96
         |    `--A. sinensis E00
         |--Monistriini R96
         |    |--Yeelana R96
         |    |--Greyacris profundesulcata R96
         |    |--Parastria R96
         |    `--Monistria R96
         |         |--M. concinna R96
         |         |--M. discrepens R96
         |         `--M. pustulifera R96
         `--Psednurini R96
              |--Psednura Burr 1903 [=Pseudnura (l. c.), Betisca Sjöstedt 1921] K72
              |    |--*P. pedestris (Erichson 1842) (see below for synonymy) K72
              |    `--P. musgravei Rehn 1953 [incl. P. angustissima Rehn 1953] K72
              `--+--Psedna Key 1972 K72
                 |    `--*P. nana (Rehn 1953) [=Propsednura hesperus nana] K72
                 `--Propsednura Rehn 1953 K72
                      |--*P. eyrei Rehn 1953 [incl. P. hesperus Rehn 1953] K72
                      `--P. peninsularis Key 1972 K72

*Psednura pedestris (Erichson 1842) [=Mesops pedestris, *Betisca pedestris, M. pedestis (l. c.); incl. Psednura collina Rehn 1953, P. lanceolata Rehn 1953] K72

*Type species of generic name indicated


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