Male alpine darner Austroaeschna flavomaculata, copyright Toby Hudson.

Belongs within: Anisoptera.

The Telephlebiidae, southern darners, are a group of medium-sized to very large dragonflies found only in eastern and south-western Australia (Theischinger & Hawking 2006).

Characters (from Theischinger & Hawking 2006): Anterior portion of wing mostly clear except pterostigma, rarely marked with brown band(s) or rounded nodal spot; vein Rsp1 only slightly curved, almost parallel with vein IR3; vein MA unbroken distally, runs parallel to or diverges from R4. Larvae profoundly elongate; prementum flat, lacks premental setae; mid-dorsal abdominal spines usually absent, rarely present; some abdominal segments, including segment 9, armed with lateral spines; epiproct strongly tapered throughout with apex commonly pointed.

<==Telephlebiidae TH06
    |--Acanthaeschna victoria Martin 1901 TH06
    |--Antipodophlebia asthenes (Tillyard 1916) TH06
    |--Dendroaeschna conspersa (Tillyard 1907) TH06
    |--Dromaeschna forcipata ZS10
    |--Austrophlebia TH06
    |    |--A. costalis (Tillyard 1907) TH06
    |    `--A. subcostalis Theischinger 1996 TH06
    |--Spinaeschna TH06
    |    |--S. tripunctata (Martin 1901) TH06
    |    `--S. watsoni Theischinger 1982 TH06
    |--Notoaeschna TH06
    |    |--N. geminata Theischinger 1982 TH06
    |    `--N. sagittata (Martin 1901) TH06
    |--Telephlebia TH06
    |    |--T. brevicauda Tillyard 1916 TH06
    |    |--T. cyclops Tillyard 1916 TH06
    |    |--T. godeffroyi Selys 1883 TH06
    |    |--T. tillyardi Campion 1916 TH06
    |    |--T. tryoni Tillyard 1917 TH06
    |    `--T. undia Theischinger 1985 TH06
    `--Austroaeschna TH06
         |--A. anacantha Tillyard 1908 TH06
         |--A. atrata Martin 1909 TH06
         |--A. christine Theischinger 1993 TH06
         |--A. cooloola Theischinger 1991 TH06
         |--A. eungella Theischinger 1993 TH06
         |--A. flavomaculata Tillyard 1916 TH06
         |--A. forcipata (Tillyard 1907) TH06
         |--A. hardyi Tillyard 1917 TH06
         |--A. inermis Martin 1901 TH06
         |--A. muelleri Theischinger 1982 TH06
         |--A. multipunctata (Martin 1901) TH06
         |--A. obscura Theischinger 1982 TH06
         |--A. parvistigma (Selys 1883) TH06
         |--A. pulchra Tillyard 1909 TH06
         |--A. sigma Theischinger 1982 TH06
         |--A. speciosa Sjöstedt 1917 TH06
         |--A. subapicalis Theischinger 1982 TH06
         |--A. tasmanica Tillyard 1916 TH06
         |--A. unicornis (Martin 1901) TH06
         |    |--A. u. unicornis TH06
         |    `--A. u. pinheyi TH06
         `--A. weiskei (Förster 1908) TH06

*Type species of generic name indicated


[TH06] Theischinger, G. & J. Hawking. 2006. The Complete Field Guide to Dragonflies of Australia. CSIRO Publishing: Collingwood (Victoria).

[ZS10] Zborowski, P. & R. Storey. 2010. A Field Guide to Insects in Australia. Reed New Holland: Sydney.

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