Cyclocypris globosa, from Zoologische Staatssammlung Muenchen.

Belongs within: Cypridocopina.
Contains: Pseudocandona, Mixtacandona, Candonopsini.

The Candonidae is a group of ostracods including the marine Paracypridinae and the non-marine Cyclocypridinae and Candoninae.

Characters (from Athersuch et al. 1989): Surface smooth or weakly ornamented; sulci and tubercles absent. Hinge adont. Muscle scars comprise an elongate scar beneath which there is an anterior row of three scars and a posterior row of two scars. First endopodite podomere of antenna with a single club-shaped seta (possibly aesthetasc). Palp of maxilliped transformed into clasping organ in male. Seventh limb inverted, leg-like, with three terminal setae. Furca with two terminal chelate setae. Zenker's organ with five to eight rosettes of chitinous spines; testes and ovaries entering duplicature.

    |  i. s.: Areacandona EHH05
    |         Deminutiocandona EHH05
    |         Humphreyscandona EHH05
    |         Meridiescandona EHH05
    |         Neocandona EHH05
    |         Notacandona EHH05
    |         Origocandona EHH05
    |         Pilbaracandona EHH05
    |--Paracypridinae [Paracyprididae] NT02
    |    |--Paracypris regularis RR03
    |    |--Phlyctenophora mesembria Wouters 1999 PH13
    |    |--Coralliaglaia Hartmann 1974 DH86
    |    |    `--C. corallicola Hartmann 1974 DH86
    |    |--Macrocyprina Triebel 1960 S-VC91
    |    |    `--M. pacifica S-VC91
    |    `--Dolerocypria Tressler 1937 [Thalassocypridini] NT02
    |         |--D. mukaishimensis Okubo 1980 NT02
    |         `--D. taalensis (Tressler 1937) NT02
    |--Cyclocypridinae F08
    |    |--Physocypria Vavra 1898 DH86
    |    |    |--P. dumonti Martens 1982 DH86
    |    |    `--P. kraepelini F08
    |    |--Cypria Zenker 1854 DH86
    |    |    |--C. karamani Petkovski 1976 DH86
    |    |    |--C. ophthalmica D01
    |    |    `--C. stygia Klie 1935 DH86
    |    `--Cyclocypris Brady & Norman 1889 F08
    |         |--C. globosa F08
    |         |--C. laevis D01
    |         |--C. ovoides Alm 1914 [=C. globosa var. ovoides] F08
    |         `--C. serena (Koch 1838) F08
    `--Candoninae K08
         |  i. s.: Pseudocandona DH86
         |         Mixtacandona DH86
         |         Danielocandona Broodbakker 1983 DH86
         |           `--D. lieshoutae Broodbakker 1983 DH86
         |         Phreatocandona Danielopol 1978 DH86
         |           `--P. motasi Danielopol 1978 DH86
         |         Nannocandona Ekman 1914 DH86
         |           |--N. faba Ekman 1914 F08
         |           `--N. stygia Sywula 1976 DH86
         |         Cryptocandona Kaufmann 1900 DH86
         |           |--C. brehmi (Klie 1934) DH86
         |           |--C. dudichi (Klie 1930) DH86
         |           |--C. juvavi (Brehm 1954) DH86
         |           |--C. kieferi (Klie 1938) DH86
         |           |--C. leruthi (Klie 1936) DH86
         |           |--C. matris (Sywula 1976) DH86
         |           `--C. phreaticola (Klie 1927) DH86
         |         Eucandona van Daday 1900 [incl. Fabaeformiscandona Krstic 1972] PK04
         |           |--*E. balatonica (van Daday 1893) PK04
         |           |--E. acuminata [=Fabaeformiscandona acuminata] PK04
         |           |--‘Fabaeformiscandona’ brevicornis F08
         |           |--E. csikii Daday 1901 D01
         |           |--E. fabaeformis (Fischer 1851) (see below for synonymy) PK04
         |           |--E. forma Karanovic 1999 PK04
         |           |--E. holzkampfi (Hartwig 1900) [=Candona holzkampfi, Fabaeformiscandona holzkampfi] PK04
         |           |--E. krstici (Petkovski 1969) [=Candona krstici] PK04
         |           |--‘Fabaeformiscandona’ latens (Klie 1940) DH86
         |           |--E. pubescens D01
         |           |--E. svetozari Petkovski & Karanovic 2004 PK04
         |           `--‘Fabaeformiscandona’ wegelini (Petkovski 1962) DH86
         |         Candona Baird 1845 PK04
         |           |--C. abrupta NG13
         |           |--C. altoides F08
         |           |--C. angulata F08
         |           |--C. candida D01
         |           |--C. lindneri F08
         |           |--C. natronophila F08
         |           |--C. neglecta F08
         |           `--C. vernalis Fuhrmann 2008 F08
         `--Candonopsini K08

Eucandona fabaeformis (Fischer 1851) [=Cypris fabaeformis, Candona (Eucandona) fabaeformis, Fabaeformiscandona fabaeformis] PK04

*Type species of generic name indicated


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