Part and counterpart of Aeschnidium heishankowense, from here.

Belongs within: Euepiproctophora.
Contains: Telephlebiidae, Eteoanisoptera.

The Anisoptera as recognised here includes the modern dragonflies (Eteoanisoptera) and a number of close fossil relatives, united by the possession of non-petiolate wings. Excluding the basal Henrotayia marci, whose affinities are somewhat uncertain, Anisoptera are also supported by forewings with the nodal Cr nearly perpendicular to RA and ScP, and with a pseudo-IR1 vei; the presence of an 'anisopteroid vein' (AA + CuA)b in the hindwing; and a transverse anal triangle in the male (Fleck et al. 2003).

<==Anisoptera [Pananisoptera]
    |--Henrotayia Fleck, Bechly et al. 2003 [Henrotayiidae] FB03
    |    `--*H. marci Fleck, Bechly et al. 2003 FB03
    `--+--Liassogomphidae [Gomphitidae] FB03
       |    |--Liassogomphus brodiei (Buckman 1843) FB03
       |    |--Elattogomphus latus Bode 1953 NB01
       |    |--Proinogomphus bodei (Handlirsch 1939) NB01
       |    `--Phthitogomphus angulatus (Handlirsch 1939) NB01
       `--Neoanisoptera NB01
            |--Eteoanisoptera FB03
            `--Aeschnidiidae FB03
                 |--Aeschnidium heishankowense ZBH03
                 |--Huizhougenia Lin 1980 KS02
                 `--Nothomacromia [Nothomacromiidae] S02

Anisoptera incertae sedis:
  Sona R02 [Sonidae FB03]
    `--S. nectes Pritykina 1986 R02
  Petaliaeschna fletcheri Fraser 1927 FB03
  Archipetalia [Archipetaliidae] TH06
    `--A. auriculata Tillyard 1917 TH06
  Austropetalia [Austropetaliidae] TH06
    |--A. patricia (Tillyard 1910) TH06
    `--A. tonyana Theischinger 1995 TH06
  Telephlebiidae TH06
  Ictinogomphus [Lindeniidae] TH06
    |--I. australis (Selys 1873) TH06
    |--I. dobsoni (Watson 1969) TH06
    `--I. paulini Watson 1991 TH06
  Synthemistidae TH06
    |--Synthemiopsis gomphomacromioides Tillyard 1917 TH06
    |--Parasynthemis regina (Selys 1874) TH06
    |--Austrosynthemis cyanitincta (Tillyard 1908) TH06
    |--Tonyosynthemis TH06
    |    |--T. claviculata (Tillyard 1909) TH06
    |    `--T. ofarrelli (Theischinger 1986) TH06
    |--Synthemis TH06
    |    |--S. eustalacta (Burmeister 1839) TH06
    |    `--S. tasmanica Tillyard 1910 TH06
    |--Choristhemis TH06
    |    |--C. flavoterminata (Martin 1901) TH06
    |    `--C. olivei (Tillyard 1909) TH06
    |--Archaeosynthemis TH06
    |    |--A. leachii (Selys 1871) TH06
    |    |--A. occidentalis (Tillyard 1910) TH06
    |    |--A. orientalis (Tillyard 1910) TH06
    |    `--A. spiniger (Tillyard 1913) TH06
    `--Eusynthemis TH06
         |--E. aurolineata (Tillyard 1913) TH06
         |--E. barbarae (Moulds 1985) TH06
         |--E. brevistyla (Selys 1871) [incl. E. brevistyla subjuncta] TH06
         |--E. deniseae Theischinger 1977 TH06
         |--E. guttata (Selys 1871) TH06
         |--E. netta Theischinger 1999 TH06
         |--E. nigra (Tillyard 1906) TH06
         |    |--E. n. nigra TH06
         |    `--E. n. xanthosticta TH06
         |--E. rentziana Theischinger 1998 TH06
         |--E. tenera Theischinger 1995 TH06
         |--E. tillyardi Theischinger 1995 TH06
         |--E. ursa Theischinger 1999 TH06
         |--E. ursula Theischinger 1998 TH06
         `--E. virgula (Selys 1874) TH06
  Pseudocordulia [Pseudocorduliidae] TH06
    |--P. circularis Tillyard 1909 TH06
    `--P. elliptica Tillyard 1913 TH06
  Austrocorduliidae TH06
    |--Apocordulia macrops Watson 1980 TH06
    |--Austrophya mystica Tillyard 1909 TH06
    |--Lathrocordulia TH06
    |    |--L. garrisoni Theischinger & Watson 1991 TH06
    |    `--L. metallica Tillyard 1911 TH06
    |--Micromidia TH06
    |    |--M. atrifrons (McLachlan 1883) TH06
    |    |--M. convergens Theischinger & Watson 1978 TH06
    |    `--M. rodericki Fraser 1959 TH06
    `--Austrocordulia TH06
         |--A. leonardi Theischinger 1973 TH06
         |--A. refracta Tillyard 1909 TH06
         |    |--A. r. refracta TH06
         |    `--A. r. jurzitzai TH06
         `--A. territoria Theischinger & Watson 1978 TH06
  Oxygastridae TH06
    |--Hesperocordulia berthoudi Tillyard 1911 TH06
    `--Oxygastra TH06

*Type species of generic name indicated


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