Bairdia, copyright Moorea Biocode.

Belongs within: Bairdiidae.

Bairdia is a genus of ostracods with a fossil record extending from the Ordovician to the present day. As such, it is the longest-surviving recognised genus of ostracods and probably represents the only lineage of Bairdiidae to survive from the Palaeozoic into the Mesozoic (Benson et al. 1961).

Characters (from Benson et al. 1961): Carapace mostly elongate fusiform in lateral view, with broadly arched dorsum that becomes concave terminally, especially at the rear; venter centrally straight but curved upward terminally so that extremities are nearly at mid-height, anterior end generally higher and better rounded than posterior, which is generally acuminate; in dorsal view, lateral outlines symmetrically convex and extremities acuminate; surface of valves smooth, punctate, or rarely with protuberances; left valve larger than right valve, mostly overreaching it around entire margin and overlapping it, especially ventrally, around contact margin. Short ridge-and-groove hingement commonly marked by prominent cardinal angles, especially in right valve; contact margins complex, with wide duplicature, vestibule, and associated structures; adductor-muscle scar pattern of several discrete spots.

<==Bairdia M’Coy 1844 HM04 (see below for synonymy)
    |--*B. curtus McCoy 1844 BB61
    |--B. acuminata Cooper 1946 HM04
    |--B. aliger (Guseva 1971) ZL87
    |--B. altiacuta CB86
    |--B. beedei CB86
    |--B. bicornis Bradfield 1935 ZL87
    |--B. calida CB86
    |--B. citriformis CB86
    |--B. crassa Harlton 1929 HM04
    |--B. cristata CB86
    |--B. deloi (Bradfield 1935) ZL87
    |--B. demissa CB86
    |--B. eissensis Upson 1933 ZL87
    |--B. firmata ZL87
    |--B. formosa BB61
    |--B. frequens HKS61
    |--B. garrisonensis Upson 1933 S82
    |--B. girtyi Sohn 1960 HM04
    |--B. golcondensis BB61
    |--B. grahamensis Harlton 1928 HM04
    |--B. guanxiensis Guan 1978 CB86
    |--B. harltoni Cooper 1946 HM04
    |--B. hassi Sohn 1960 ZL87
    |--B. kwanshanensis CB86
    |--B. lungtanensis CB86
    |--B. mandelstami CB86
    |--B. marginicompressa Chen & Bao 1986 CB86
    |--B. menardensis Harlton 1929 ZL87
    |--B. modica CB86
    |--B. monstrabilis Cooper 1946 ZL87
    |--B. oklahomensis BB61
    |--B. permagna Geis 1932 HM04
    |--B. piscariformis CB86
    |--B. pompilioides Harlton 1928 HM04
    |--B. postacuta CB86
    |--B. radlerae Kellett 1934 ZL87
    |--B. seminalis (Kellett 1934) ZL87
    |--B. symmetrica ZL87
    |--B. trianguliformis CB86
    |--B. verdesensis LeRoy 1943 S-VC91
    |--B. verwiebei ZL87
    |--B. whitesidei Bradfield 1935 HM04
    `--B. zhongyingensis Wang 1978 CB86

Bairdia M’Coy 1844 HM04 [incl. Acratinella Schneider 1956 BB61, Morrisites Gibson 1955 non Buckman 1921 BB61, Morrisitina Gibson 1955 BB61, Nesidea Costa 1849 BB61]

*Type species of generic name indicated


[BB61] Benson, R. H., J. M. Berdan, W. A. van den Bold, T. Hanai, I. Hessland, H. V. Howe, R. V. Kesling, S. A. Levinson, R. A. Reyment, R. C. Moore, H. W. Scott, R. H. Shaver, I. G. Sohn, L. E. Stover, F. M. Swain & P. C. Sylvester-Bradley. 1961. Systematic descriptions. In: Moore, R. C. (ed.) Treatise on Invertebrate Paleontology pt Q. Arthropoda 3: Crustacea: Ostracoda pp. Q99–Q421. Geological Society of America and University of Kansas Press.

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[HM04] Hoare, R. D., & G. K. Merrill. 2004. A Pennsylvanian (Morrowan) ostracode fauna from Texas. Journal of Paleontology 78 (1): 185–204.

[HKS61] Howe, H. V., R. V. Kesling & H. W. Scott. 1961. Morphology of living Ostracoda. In: Moore, R. C. (ed.) Treatise on Invertebrate Paleontology pt Q. Arthropoda 3: Crustacea: Ostracoda pp. Q3–Q17. Geological Society of America and University of Kansas Press.

[S-VC91] Segura-Vernis, L. R., & A. L. Carreño. 1991. Foraminíferos y ostrácodos de la Laguna de La Paz, Baja California Sur, México. Inv. Mar. CICIMAR 6 (1): 195–224.

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[ZL87] Zhang X.-J. & Liang X.-Y. 1987. Ostracoda from the Taiyuan Formation of Xingyang and Gong Xian districts, Henan. Acta Micropalaeontologica Sinica 4 (3): 293–312.

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