Radula complanata, photographed by Dragiša Savić.

Belongs within: Marchantiophyta.
Contains: Cephaloziaceae, Scapaniaceae, Plagiochila, Schistochila, Lejeuneaceae, Frullania, Porella, Lepidoziaceae, Geocalycaceae, Herbertineae, Jungermannia.

The Jungermanniales are the leafy liverworts, a clade of liverworts with well-defined leaf-like structures on the stems. Also significant in recognising the group are the terminal (acrogynous) perichaetia, positioned on the end of branches.

Characters (from Crandall-Stotler & Stotler 2000): Apical cells usually tetrahedral with third face ventral; ventral appendages, when present, produced in a single row and foliose; leaves formed from two initials that are anodic and kathodic in orientation; endogenous branches common; perichaetia always acrogynous, terminating either main stem or a branch; bracts/bracteoles and perianths associated with perichaetium; archegonial neck consisting of five rows of neck cells; capsule always dehiscing into four valves; gemmae, when present, one- or two-celled, developing in a blastic manner.

<==Jungermanniales [Jungermanniidae]
    |--Perssoniellineae SF01
    |    |--Pachyschistochila reflexistipula EB01
    |    `--Schistochila SF01
    |--Ptilidiaceae J87 [Ptilidiineae SF01]
    |    |--Ptilidium ciliare SF01
    |    `--Trichocolea J87
    |         |--T. australis M49
    |         |--T. indica G06
    |         |--T. lanata M49
    |         |--T. mollissima SF01
    |         |--T. polyacantha E03
    |         |--T. tenera G06
    |         |--T. tomentella M49
    |         |--T. tomentosa (see below for synonymy) E03
    |         `--T. verticillata D03
    |--Lepidolaenineae SF01
    |    |--Lepidogyna hodgsoniae SF01
    |    |--Hariotiella hermitensis Massal. & Besch. 1898 E03
    |    `--Lepidolaena E03
    |         |--L. clavigera M49
    |         |--L. hariotiana Schiffn. in Engler & Prantl 1895 [=Polyotus hariotianus Besch. & Massal. 1886] E03
    |         |--L. magellanica (Lam.) Lindb. 1873 (see below for synonymy) E03
    |         |--L. menziesii (Hooker) Dumort. 1835 (see below for synonymy) E03
    |         |--L. palpebrifolia M49
    |         `--L. taylori M49
    |--Porellineae SF01
    |    |--Lejeuneaceae SF01
    |    |--Jubulaceae G06
    |    |    |--Frullania SF01
    |    |    `--Jubula G06
    |    |         |--J. hattorii G06
    |    |         `--J. hutchinsiae G06
    |    `--Porella SF01
    |--+--Lepidoziaceae SF01
    |  |--Geocalycaceae SF01
    |  |--Herbertineae SF01
    |  |--Lepicolea [Lepicoleineae] SF01
    |  |    |--L. attenuata SF01
    |  |    |--L. ochroleuca (Spreng.) Lindb. 1875 (see below for synonymy) E03
    |  |    |--L. quadrilaciniata E03
    |  |    |--L. scolopendra M49
    |  |    `--L. teres E03
    |  `--Jungermanniaceae J87 [Jungermanniineae SF01]
    |       |--Jungermannia SF01
    |       |--Jamesoniella J87
    |       |    |--J. autumnalis G06
    |       |    |--J. colorata (Lehmann) Schiffn. in Engler & Prantl 1893 [=Jungermannia colorata Lehmann 1829] E03
    |       |    |--J. grandiflora E03
    |       |    |--J. oenops E03
    |       |    |--J. paludosa E03
    |       |    |--J. pseudo-occlusa M49
    |       |    |--J. rubricaulis J87
    |       |    |--J. sonderi M49
    |       |    `--J. tasmanica M49
    |       |--Anstrepta orcadensis G06
    |       |--Anastrophyllum G06
    |       |    |--A. assimile G06
    |       |    |--A. decurrens E03
    |       |    |--A. involutifolium E03
    |       |    |--A. longissimum E03
    |       |    `--A. schismoides M49
    |       |--Chandonanthus G06
    |       |    |--C. birmensis G06
    |       |    |--C. hirtellus G06
    |       |    `--C. squarrosus SF01
    |       |--Lophozia G06
    |       |    |--L. dusenii D03
    |       |    |--L. incisa G06
    |       |    |--L. longidens G06
    |       |    `--L. setosa G06
    |       |--Nardia flegelliformis G06
    |       |--Notoscyphus G06
    |       |    |--N. darjeelingensis G06
    |       |    |--N. lutescens PK03
    |       |    |--N. pandei G06
    |       |    `--N. paroicus G06
    |       `--Tetralophozia filiformis G06
    `--Radula [Radulaceae, Radulineae] SF01
         |--R. acuminata Steph. 1910 L03
         |--R. assamica Steph. 1884 L03
         |--R. complanata FHH01
         |--R. cubensis J87
         |--R. flaccida E99
         |--R. flavifolia Taylor 1845 [=Jungermannia flavifolia Hooker & Taylor 1844] E03
         |--R. floridana J87
         |--R. grandis SF01
         |--R. helix E03
         |--R. inflexa J87
         |--R. intempestiva E03
         |--R. javanica Gott. in Gott. 1845 L03
         |--R. korthalsii J87
         |--R. lindbergiana G06
         |--R. microlobula J87
         |--R. mollis J87
         |--R. physoloba M49
         |--R. plicata E03
         |--R. plumosa E03
         |--R. protensa Lindenb. in Meissner 1848 L03
         |--R. punctata E03
         |--R. sainsburiana M49
         |--R. striata E03
         |--R. tenera D03
         |--R. tjibodensis Goeb. 1893 L03
         |--R. uvifera M49
         `--R. voluta J87

Jungermanniales incertae sedis:
  Cephaloziaceae FHH01
  Gymnomitriaceae FHH01
    |--Marsupella FHH01
    |    |--M. funckii FHH01
    |    `--M. kerguelensis E03
    `--Gymnomitrium stygium M49
  Scapaniaceae FHH01
  Neogrollea Hodgson 1965 [Neogrolleaceae, Neogrolleoideae, Neogrollineae] EB01
    `--*N. notabilis Hodgson 1965 EB01
  Plagiochilaceae J87
    |--Plagiochila SF01
    `--Tylimanthus J87
         |--T. anderssonii (Ångstr.) Evans 1903 [=Gymnanthe anderssonii Ångstr. 1876] E03
         |--T. approximatus J87
         |--T. brecknockiensis E03
         |--T. crystallinus E03
         |--T. fendleri D03
         |--T. integrifolius E03
         |--T. saccatus SF01
         `--T. viridis D03
  Adelocolea E03
    |--A. decipiens E03
    `--A. unciformis (Hooker & Taylor) Evans 1903 (see below for synonymy) E03
  Adelanthus magellanicus SF01, E03
  Calypogeaceae G06
    |--Calypogeia G06
    |    |--C. fissa G06
    |    |--C. hartlessiana G06
    |    |--C. renistipula G06
    |    `--C. trichomanis G06
    `--Matacalypogeia alternifolia G06
  Cephaloziella [Cephaloziellaceae] G06
    |--C. exiliflora M49
    |--C. indica G06
    |--C. kiaeri AKS07
    `--C. subdentata G06
  Acrobolbus [Acrobolbaceae] G06
    `--A. ciliatus G06
  Mastigophora [Mastigophoraceae] G06
    |--M. antarctica E03
    `--M. woodsi G06

Adelocolea unciformis (Hooker & Taylor) Evans 1903 [=Jungermannia unciformis Hooker & Taylor 1844, Adelanthus unciformis Spruce 1876, Plagiochila unciformis Hooker & Taylor 1847; incl. Jungermannia haliotiphylla De Not. 1857, Adelanthus lindenbergianus (Lehmann) Mitt. 1864, Plagiochila sphaleria Hooker & Taylor 1847] E03

Lepicolea ochroleuca (Spreng.) Lindb. 1875 [=Jungermannia ochroleuca Spreng. 1829, Herberta ochroleuca Trevis. 1877, Leperoma ochroleuca Mitt. in Hooker 1867, Sendtnera ochroleuca Nees 1845] E03

Lepidolaena magellanica (Lam.) Lindb. 1873 [=Jungermannia magellanica, Gackstroemia magellanica Trevis. 1877, Polyotus magellanicus Gottsche 1845] E03

Lepidolaena menziesii (Hooker) Dumort. 1835 [=Jungermannia menziesii Hooker 1820, Polyotus menziesii Gottsche 1845] E03

Trichocolea tomentosa [=Jungermannia tomentosa Swartz 1788, Basichiton tomentosum Trevis. 1877, J. tomentella var. tomentosa Lindenb. 1829, Leiomitra tomentosa Lindb. 1875, Trichocolea tomentella var. tomentosa L. & N. 1844] E03

*Type species of generic name indicated


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