Copelatus haemorrhoidalis, photographed by Gábor Keresztes.

Belongs within: Dytiscidae.

The Copelatinae is a speciose clade of diving beetles, most species of which are included in the genus Copelatus.

Characters (from Miller 2001): Metacoxal lines closely approximated medially (metacoxal lines lost in Lacconectus); spermatheca strongly reduced; scutellum externally visible; metatarsal claws equal in length in both sexes.

<==Copelatinae [Copelatini]
    |  i. s.: Aglymbus M01
    |--Agaporomorphus M01
    |    |--A. knischi M01
    |    `--A. perairai M01
    `--+--Lacconectus M01
       |    |--L. formosanus M01
       |    `--L. peguensis RB02
       `--Copelatus Erichson 1832 M01
            |  i. s.: C. australiae M03
            |         C. distinctus M01
            |         C. ferrugineus TDC06
            |         C. longicornis R89
            |         C. melanarius TDC06
            |         C. nakamurai Guéorguiev 1970 I92
            |         C. nomax S86
            |         C. ragazzii G89
            |         C. strinatii Guignot 1958 S86
            |         C. subterraneus Gueorguiev 1978 S86
            `--+--C. haemorrhoidalis M01
               `--+--C. glyphicus M01
                  `--C. kalaharii M01

*Type species of generic name indicated


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