Bazzania trilobata, photographed by Blue Ridge Kitties.

Belongs within: Jungermanniales.

The Lepidoziaceae is a cosmopolitan family of leafy liverworts, most speciose in tropical regions. They are characterised by the possession of lobed but not folded leaves.

Characters (from Hong 1988): Dioicous or autoicous (never paroicous) gametangia; strongly incubous or transverse leaf insertion; distinctly two- to four-lobed leaves; unistratose cortical layer of stem; limited rhizoid-initial layer at base of underleaves; presence of filiform flagella branches (postical or lateral); long, slender tapering trigonous perianths on short ventral branches; ovoid to ovoid-cylindric capsule with two- to five-layered walls; 1.0-1.5 to 1.0 spore-elater diameter ratio; gemmae completely absent.

<==Lepidoziaceae [Lepidoziineae]
    |--Drucella [Drucelloideae] EB01
    |--Zoopsidoideae EB01
    |    |--Zoopsis linkiensis FHH01
    |    `--Pseudocephalozia EB01
    |         |--P. cucullata EB01
    |         |--P. paludicola EB01
    |         `--P. quadriloba EB01
    |--Lembidioideae EB01
    |    |--Lembidium EB01
    |    |    |--L. nutans EB01
    |    |    `--L. tenax M49
    |    |--Chloranthelia denticulata EB01
    |    |--Isolembidium anomalum EB01
    |    |    |--I. a. var. anomalum EB01
    |    |    `--I. a. var. cucullatum EB01
    |    `--Hygrolembidium EB01
    |         |--H. acrocladum EB01
    |         |--H. australe EB01
    |         `--H. triquetrum EB01
    `--Bazzanioideae EB01
         |--Acromastigum EB01
         |    |--A. anisostomum EB01
         |    `--A. colensoanum M49
         `--Bazzania EB01
              |--B. adnexa EB01
              |--B. appendiculata G06
              |--B. himalayana G06
              |--B. imbricata G06
              |--B. involuta EB01
              |    |--B. i. var. involuta EB01
              |    `--B. i. var. submutica EB01
              |--B. jamaicensis J87
              |--B. longa J87
              |--B. monilinerve M49
              |--B. novae-hollandiae M49
              |--B. novae-zelandiae E03
              |--B. ovistipula G06
              |--B. pearsonii G06
              |--B. prerupta G06
              |--B. sikkimensis G06
              |--B. taylorianum M49
              |--B. trictranata G06
              `--B. trilobata L-BWC03

Lepidoziaceae incertae sedis:
  Lepidozia EB01
    |--L. albula M49
    |--L. bisetula M49
    |--L. blepharostoma E03
    |--L. breviflora SS07
    |--L. capillaris E03
    |--L. capilligera E03
    |--L. centipes M49
    |--L. cordulifera E03
    |--L. concinna M49
    |--L. cucullifolia D03
    |--L. cupressina E03
    |--L. erosa G06
    |--L. filamentosa Lehmann & Lindenb. 1845 (see below for synonymy) E03
    |--L. hippuerioides M49
    |--L. laevifolia D03
    |--L. munchiana J87
    |--L. oliogophylla E03
    |--L. patens J87
    |--L. patentissima M49
    |--L. pendulina M49
    |--L. plumulosa Lehmann & Lindenb. 1845 (see below for synonymy) E03
    |--L. praenitens M49
    |--L. pumila EB01
    |--L. reptans G06
    |--L. robusta G06
    |--L. saddlensis E03
    |--L. seriatitexta E03
    |--L. setiformis E03
    |--L. spinosissima EB01
    |--L. tenax M49
    `--L. truncatella Nees 1845 [=Mastigophora truncatella Trevis. 1877] E03
  Paracromastigum granatensis EB01
  Zoopsidella dichotoma EB01
  Telaranea Spruce ex Schiffn. 1895 (nom. cons.) EB01, DD07 [incl. Arachniopsis Spruce 1882 DD07]
    |--T. indica (Srivastava & Verma) Daniels & Daniel 2007 (see below for synonymy) DD07
    |--T. nematodes EB01
    `--T. tasmanica EB01
  Kurzia FHH01
    |--K. hippuroides EB01
    |--K. mollis EB01
    `--K. trichoclados FHH01
  Micropterygium trachyphyllum J87
  Dendrobazzania griffithiana G06

Lepidozia filamentosa Lehmann & Lindenb. 1845 [=Jungermannia filamentosa Lehmann & Lindenb. in Lehmann 1832, Mastigophora filamentosa Trevis. 1877] E03

Lepidozia plumulosa Lehmann & Lindenb. 1845 [=Jungermannia plumulosa Lehmann & Lindenb. in Lehmann 1834, Mastigophora plumulosa Trevis. 1877; incl. Jungermannia tetradactyla Hooker & Taylor 1844, Lepidozia tetradactyla Taylor 1845] E03

Telaranea indica (Srivastava & Verma) Daniels & Daniel 2007 [=Arachniopsis indica Srivastava & Verma 2004] DD07

*Type species of generic name indicated


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