Stereocaulon ramulosum, photographed by Andrea Ugarte.

Belongs within: Lecanoromycetidae.
Contains: Stereocaulon botryosum.

The Stereocaulaceae is a family of lichenised fungi found in temperate parts of the world. Members of the Stereocaulaceae are characterised by pseudopodetia, stem-like structures growing from vegetative granular stages of the thallus, and cephalodia containing symbiotic cyanobacteria, with green algae in the main body of the lichen (Myllys et al. 2005).

    |--Muhria EB03Outline
    |--Lepraria [incl. Leproloma] EB03Notes
    |    `--‘Lichen’ membranaceus [=Leproloma membranaceum] E99
    `--Stereocaulon Schreber 1791 (see below for synonymy) F33
         |--S. alpinum (Mudd) Laurer ex Funck 1827 (see below for synonymy) F33
         |    |  i. s.: S. a. f. adpressum Magnusson 1926 F33
         |    |         S. a. f. pulvinarium Sav. 1923 F33
         |    |         S. a. f. walamoense (Nylander) Frey 1933 [=S. tomentosum f. walamoense Nylander 1860] F33
         |    |--S. a. var. alpinum F33
         |    |--S. a. var. erectum Frey 1933 F33
         |    `--S. a. var. gracilentum (Fries) Magnusson 1926 [=S. paschale var. gracilentum Fries 1858] F33
         |--S. botryophorum F33
         |--S. botryosum Acharius 1810 F33
         |--S. capitellatum Magnusson 1926 F33
         |--S. carinthiacum Frey 1933 F33
         |--S. condensatum Hoffmann 1796 (see below for synonymy) F33
         |    |--S. c. f. condensatum F33
         |    |--S. c. f. acaulon (Nylander) Magnusson 1926 (see below for synonymy) F33
         |    |--S. c. f. condyloideum (Nylander) Magnusson 1926 (see below for synonymy) F33
         |    |--S. c. f. crustaceum F33
         |    `--S. c. f. septentrionale Magnusson 1926 F33
         |--S. condyloideum Acharius 1803 F33
         |--S. coralloides Fries 1817 (see below for synonymy) F33
         |    |  i. s.: S. c. f. expansum Magnusson 1926 F33
         |    |         S. c. f. pumilum Nylander ex Harmand 1907 F33
         |    |         S. c. f. subbotryosum Frey 1933 F33
         |    |--S. c. var. coralloides F33
         |    |--S. c. var. flabellatum Frey 1933 F33
         |    |--S. c. var. occidentale Magnusson 1926 F33
         |    `--S. c. var. pygmaeum Frey 1933 F33
         |--S. cornutum F33
         |--S. delisei Bory ex Duby 1830 [=S. coralloides var. delisei (Bory) Boistel 1903] F33
         |--S. denudatum Floerke 1819 (see below for synonymy) F33
         |    |  i. s.: S. d. f. capitatum Flot. ex Körb. 1855 F33
         |    |         S. d. f. digitatum Laurer 1831 F33
         |    |         S. d. f. tenue Laurer 1831 F33
         |    |         S. d. f. validum Laurer 1831 F33
         |    |--S. d. var. denudatum F33
         |    |--S. d. var. depressum Magnusson 1926 F33
         |    |--S. d. var. umbonatum (Wallroth) Vainio 1888 (see below for synonymy) F33
         |    `--S. d. var. umbricolum Frey 1933 F33
         |--S. evolutoides (Magnusson) Frey 1933 [=S. paschale var. evolutoides Magnusson 1926] F33
         |--S. evolutum Graewe 1865 [incl. S. evolutum var. typicum Fries 1870] F33
         |    |--S. e. f. evolutum F33
         |    `--S. e. f. planum Magnusson 1926 F33
         |--S. farinaceum Magnusson 1926 F33
         |--S. glareosum (Savicz) Magnusson 1926 [=S. tomentosum f. glareosum Savicz 1914] F33
         |--S. grande (Magnusson) Frey 1933 [=S. paschale var. grande Magnusson 1926] F33
         |--S. incrustatum Flk. 1819 [=S. tomentosum var. incrustatum (Flk.) Schaerer 1833] F33
         |    |  i. s.: S. i. f. gracilis Frey 1933 F33
         |    |--S. i. var. incrustatum F33
         |    `--S. i. var. abduanum (Anzi) Frey 1933 (see below for synonymy) F33
         |--S. leprocephalum F33
         |--S. microscopicum (Villars) Frey 1933 (see below for synonymy) F33
         |--S. myriocarpum F33
         |--S. paschale (Linnaeus) Hoffmann 1796 (see below for synonymy) F33
         |    |  i. s.: S. p. f. subcrustosum Fries 1831 F33
         |    |         S. p. f. thyrsoideum (Schaerer) Rabh. 1845 [=S. thyrsoideum Schaerer 1833] F33
         |    |         S. p. f. velutinum Frey 1933 F33
         |    |--S. p. var. paschale F33
         |    |--S. p. var. conglomeratum Fries 1824 F33
         |    `--S. p. var. serpens Fries 1871 F33
         |--S. pileatum Acharius 1810 (see below for synonymy) F33
         |    |--S. p. f. pileatum F33
         |    |--S. p. f. macrum Magnusson 1926 F33
         |    |--S. p. f. ramificans Magnusson 1926 F33
         |    |--S. p. f. sessile Magnusson 1926 F33
         |    `--S. p. f. sorediiferum Nylander 1895 F33
         |--S. ramulosum LS01
         |    |--S. r. var. ramulosum D03
         |    `--S. r. var. implexum D03
         |--S. rivulorum Magnusson 1926 F33
         |--S. saxatile Magnusson 1926 F33
         |--S. saxonicum Bachmann 1927 F33
         |--S. spissum Nylander ex Hue 1887-1888 F33
         |    |  i. s.: S. s. f. dactylinum Frey 1933 F33
         |    |         S. s. f. granuliferum Frey 1933 F33
         |    |--S. s. var. spissum F33
         |    `--S. s. var. laxum Frey 1933 F33
         |--S. subcoralloides (Nylander) Nylander 1874 (see below for synonymy) F33
         |--S. subintricans Nylander 1875 F33
         |--S. taeniarum E99 [=S. paschale f. taeniarum Magnusson 1926 F33]
         |--S. tomentosum Fries 1824 (see below for synonymy) F33
         |    |  i. s.: S. t. f. incisocrenatum Schaerer 1850 F33
         |    |         S. t. f. leptothamnium Frey 1933 F33
         |    |         S. t. f. truncatum Frey 1933 F33
         |    |--S. t. var. tomentosum F33
         |    |--S. t. var. alpestre Flotow 1836 (see below for synonymy) F33
         |    |--S. t. var. compactum Frey 1933 F33
         |    `--S. t. var. hercynicum Frey 1933 F33
         |--S. tyroliense (Nylander) Lettau 1918 (see below for synonymy) F33
         |    |--S. t. var. tyroliense F33
         |    `--S. t. var. lapponum Magnusson 1926 F33
         |--S. vesuvianum E99 [=S. denudatum var. vesuvianum Laurer ex Hepp 1853 F33]
         `--S. wrightii F33

Stereocaulon Schreber 1791 [=Patellaria sect. Stereocaulon (Schreber) Wallroth 1831; incl. S. sect. Cereolus Körb. 1855, Chlorocaulon Clements 1909, S. sect. Chondrocaulon Fries 1857, S. sect. Eustereocaulon Körb. 1855, Leprocaulon Nylander ex Lamy 1878, S. sect. Phyllocaulon Tuck. 1882, S. sect. Prostereocaulon Riddle 1910, Stereocladium Nylander 1875] F33

Stereocaulon alpinum (Mudd) Laurer ex Funck 1827 [=S. paschale var. alpinum Mudd 1861; incl. S. alpinum var. botryosum (Acharius) Laurer ex Fries 1831, S. paschale f. ramuliferum Nylander 1866, S. tomentosum var. alpinum f. verrucosum Fries 1858] F33

Stereocaulon condensatum Hoffmann 1796 [=Cereolus condensatus (Hoffmann) Boistel 1903, Lichen condensatus (Hoffmann) Acharius 1798; incl. Patellaria pileata var. thamnodes Wallroth 1831] F33

Stereocaulon condensatum f. acaulon (Nylander) Magnusson 1926 [=S. acaulon Nylander 1876, S. condensatum var. acaulon (Nylander) Oliv. 1897] F33

Stereocaulon condensatum f. condyloideum (Nylander) Magnusson 1926 [=S. condensatum var. condyloideum Nylander 1861, Cereolus condensatus var. condyloides (Nylander) Boistel 1903] F33

Stereocaulon coralloides Fries 1817 [incl. S. corallinum Laurer ex Fries 1831, S. paschale var. corallinum (Laurer) Schaerer 1833, S. dactylophyllum Floerke 1819, S. coralloides var. dactylophyllum (Floerke) Fries 1858, S. paschale var. dactylophyllum (Floerke) Branth & Rostr. 1869, S. dactylophyllum f. major Sommerf. 1826, S. roesleri Hochstetter ex Frey 1933 (n. n.)] F33

Stereocaulon denudatum Floerke 1819 [=Baeomyces denudatus (Floerke) Hepp 1824, S. paschale var. denudatum (Floerke) Schaerer 1833; incl. S. denudatum var. commune Fries 1871, S. denudatum var. genuinum Fries 1870, S. denudatum var. validum Rabh. 1845] F33

Stereocaulon denudatum
var. umbonatum (Wallroth) Vainio 1888 [=Patellaria paschalis var. umbonata Wallroth 1831; incl. S. denudatum f. pulvinatum (Schaerer) Magnusson 1926] F33

Stereocaulon incrustatum var. abduanum (Anzi) Frey 1933 [=S. abduanum Anzi 1864, S. tomentosum var. abduanum (Anzi) Olivier 1907] F33

Stereocaulon microscopicum (Villars) Frey 1933 [=Lichen microscopicus Villars 1789; incl. Li. nanus Acharius 1798, Baeomyces nanum (Acharius) Hepp 1824, Leprocaulon nanum (Acharius) Nylander ex Lamy 1878, Stereocaulon nanum (Acharius) Acharius 1803, Lichen quisquiliaris Leers 1775, S. quisquiliare (Leers) Hoffmann 1796] F33

Stereocaulon paschale (Linnaeus) Hoffmann 1796 [=Lichen paschalis Linnaeus 1753, Baeomyces paschalis (Linnaeus) Wahlenberg 1812, Cladonia paschalis (Linnaeus) Baumgarten 1790; incl. Stereocaulon paschale f. typicum D. R. 1926] F33

Stereocaulon pileatum Acharius 1810 [=Cereolus pileatus (Acharius) Boistel 1903, S. cereolinum var. pileatum (Acharius) Fries 1857] F33

Stereocaulon subcoralloides
(Nylander) Nylander 1874 [=S. paschale f. subcoralloides Nylander 1861; incl. S. coralloides var. conglomeratum Fries 1858] F33

Stereocaulon tomentosum Fries 1824 [=S. paschale var. tomentosum (Fries) Duby 1830; incl. S. tomentosum var. campestre Körb. 1855] F33

Stereocaulon tomentosum var. alpestre Flotow 1836 [=S. alpinum var. alpestre (Flotow) Fries 1858; incl. S. tomentosum var. granulosum Schaerer 1850] F33

Stereocaulon tyroliense (Nylander) Lettau 1918 [=Stereocladium tyroliense Nylander 1875, Stereocaulon alpinum var. tyroliense (Nylander) Arnold 1877, Stereocaulon tomentosum var. tyroliense (Nylander) Olivier 1907] F33

*Type species of generic name indicated


[D03] Dusén, P. 1903. The vegetation of western Patagonia. In Reports of the Princeton University Expeditions to Patagonia, 1896-1899, vol. 8 – Botany (W. B. Scott, ed.) pp. 1-34. The University: Princeton (New Jersey).

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[EB03Outline] Eriksson, O. E., H. O. Barah, R. S. Currah, K. Hansen, C. P. Kurtzman, G. Rambold & T. Laessøe (eds.) 2003. Outline of Ascomycota – 2003. Myconet 9: 1-89.

[F33] Frey, E. 1933. Cladoniaceae (unter Ausschluss der Gattung Cladonia), Umbilicariaceae. In Die Flechten (Dr. L. Rabenhorst’s Kryptogamenflora von Deutschland, Österreich und der Schweiz vol. 9) sect. 4, part 1. Akademische Verlagsgesellschaft M. B. H.: Leipzig (reprinted 1971. Johnson Reprint Corporation: New York).

[LS01] Lumbsch, H. T., I. Schmitt, H. Döring & M. Wedin. 2001. Molecular systematics supports the recognition of an additional order of Ascomycota: The Agyriales. Mycological Research 105 (1): 16-23.

Myllys, L., F. Högnabba, K. Lohtander, A. Thell, S. Stenroos & J. Hyvönen. 2005. Phylogenetic relationships of Stereocaulaceae based on simultaneous analysis of beta-tubulin, GAPDH and SSU rDNA sequences. Taxon 54 (3): 605-618.

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