Jungermannia truncata, from here.

Belongs within: Jungermanniales.

Jungermannia is a cosmopolitan genus of liverworts.

Characters (from Smith 1991): Dioecious or paroecious. Plants small to large, yellowish-green to brown. Where dioecious male plants smaller than female. Shoots prostrate to erect; branches arising laterally, innovations arising from below perianth. Rhizoids usually abundant, colourless to brown or deep red or purple. Leaves alternate, obliquely inserted, succubous, reniform, orbicular, ovate or elliptical, entire; oil bodies one to several per cell. Underleaves absent. Gemmae usually absent. Male bracts terminal, becoming intercalary, or below female, of similar shape to leaves, saccate at base. Female bracts of similar shape to leaves, entire; bracteoles absent. Perigynium absent or very short, or long and bearing one or two pairs female bracts. Periant 0-⅔ emergent, shortly cylindrical, obovoid, clavate or fusiform, smooth or more usually plicate above, gradually or abruptly contracted to mouth. Capsule wall bistratose. Spores 10-24 μm.

    |--J. subg. Plectocolea AKS07
    |    |--J. sect. Plectocolea AKS07
    |    |    |--J. comata AKS07
    |    |    |--J. glauca Amakawa in Hara 1966 AKS07, SS07
    |    |    |--J. hasskarliana AKS07
    |    |    |--J. nilgiriensis Alam, Kumar & Srivastava 2007 AKS07
    |    |    |--J. pfleidereri AKS07
    |    |    |--J. rubripunctata AKS07
    |    |    |--J. sikkimensis AKS07
    |    |    |--J. tetragona AKS07
    |    |    `--J. truncata AKS07
    |    |         |--J. t. var. truncata AKS07
    |    |         `--J. t. var. setulosa AKS07
    |    `--J. (sect. Eucalyx) infusca AKS07
    `--J. subg. Solenostoma G06
         |--J. appressifolia G06
         |    |--J. a. var. appressifolia G06
         |    `--J. a. var. nigricans G06
         |--J. atrobrunea G06
         |--J. heterolimbata G06
         |--J. lanigera G06
         |--J. limbatifolia G06
         |--J. macrocarpa G06
         |--J. parvitexa G06
         |--J. pseudocyclops G06
         |--J. schauliana G06
         |--J. stephanii (Schiffn.) Amakawa 1968 G06, SG07 [=Aplozia stephanii Schiffn. 1898 SG07]
         |--J. suborbiculata G06
         `--J. subrubra G06

Jungermannia incertae sedis:
  J. antarctica Ångström 1872 [incl. J. pigafettoana Massal. 1885] E03
  J. bengalensis G06
  J. cribrifolia E03
  J. eriocaula E03
  J. excisa E03
  J. floerkii E03
  J. gollanii Steph. 1917 SS07
  J. gracillima FHH01
  J. hatcheri Evans 1898 E03
  J. inundata M49
  J. lycopodioides E03
  J. parcaeformis E03
  J. propagulifera Gottsche 1890 E03
  J. rotata M49
  J. schismoides E03
  J. socia E03
  J. virgata PK03

*Type species of generic name indicated


[AKS07] Alam, A., A. Kumar & S. C. Srivastava. 2007. Jungermannia nilgiriensis, a new species from Nilgiri Hills (Western Ghats) India. Bulletin of the Botanical Survey of India 49 (1-4): 219-224.

[E03] Evans, A. W. 1903. Hepaticae collected in southern Patagonia. In Reports of the Princeton University Expeditions to Patagonia, 1896-1899, vol. 8 – Botany (W. B. Scott, ed.) pp. 35-62. The University: Princeton (New Jersey).

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Smith, A. J. E. 1991. The Liverworts of Britain and Ireland. Cambridge University Press.

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