Lophocolea heterophylla, from here.

Belongs within: Jungermanniales.

The Geocalycaceae are a cosmopolitan family of leafy liverworts. It has been divided by some authors into separate families Geocalycaceae and Lophocoleaceae, based (among other features) on the presence (Lophocoleaceae) or absence (Geocalycaceae) of a perianth.

Characters (from Hong 1993): Dioicous, autoicous, or paroicous gametangia; lateral and ventral intercalary or terminal branching; succubous or obliquely inserted leaves; bilobed underleaves; rhizoids restricted to base of underleaves or scattered over ventral surface of stem; lateral or ventral fertile branches; slenderly spicate androecia; large, reduced, or vestigial female bracts; perianth reduced or absent, or with a rhizoidal perigynium, or wide mouthed; ovoid to cylindric capsule with 2-5 layered walls.

<==Geocalycaceae [Geocalycineae, Lophocoleaceae]
    |--Heteroscyphus G06
    |    |--H. argutus G06
    |    |--H. bescherellei G06
    |    |--H. combinatus J87
    |    |--H. flaccidus G06
    |    |--H. inflatus G06
    |    |--H. pandei G06
    |    `--H. tener G06
    |--Leptoscyphus FHH01
    |    |--L. amphibolius J87
    |    `--L. horizontalis FHH01
    |--Chiloscyphus FHH01
    |    |--C. beckettianus M49
    |    |--C. bidentatus M49
    |    |--C. billardieri M49
    |    |--C. coalitus E03
    |    |--C. cuneistipulus M49
    |    |--C. cymbaliferus M49
    |    |--C. decipiens M49
    |    |--C. echinellus M49
    |    |--C. fissistipus M49
    |    |--C. grandiflorus E03
    |    |--C. integrifolius E03
    |    |--C. laxus M49
    |    |--C. lyallii M49
    |    |--C. massalongoanus Steph. 1893 [incl. C. fissistipus var. magellanicus Schiffn. & Gottsche 1890] E03
    |    |--C. menziesii M49
    |    |--C. normalis M49
    |    |--C. oblongifolius M49
    |    |--C. pallescens SF01
    |    |--C. paraphyllinus D03
    |    |--C. polyanthus G06
    |    |--C. striatellus D03
    |    `--C. valdiviensis E03
    `--Lophocolea FHH01
         |--L. anomada D03
         |--L. attenuata D03
         |--L. australis M49
         |--L. austrigena E03
         |--L. bidentata (Linnaeus) Dumort. 1835 [=Jungermannia bidentata Linnaeus 1753] SS07
         |--L. boveana E03
         |--L. campanulata D03
         |--L. coadunata J87
         |--L. concava E03
         |--L. conifolia D03
         |--L. cookiana E03
         |--L. cucullistipula D03
         |--L. cuspidata G06
         |--L. divergenticiliata E03
         |--L. fulvella E03
         |--L. fuscovirens E03
         |--L. gayana E03
         |--L. gottscheaeoides E03
         |--L. heterophylla FHH01
         |--L. heterophylloides M49
         |--L. homomalla D03
         |--L. horizontalis (Hooker) Evans 1903 (see below for synonymy) E03
         |--L. humifusa E03
         |--L. humilis [=Jungermannia humilis] E03
         |--L. irregularis E03
         |--L. lacerata E03
         |--L. lenta (Hooker & Taylor) Taylor 1845 (see below for synonymy) E03
         |--L. leptantha D03
         |--L. leucophylla M49
         |--L. microstipula D03
         |--L. muricata E03
         |--L. navicularis D03
         |--L. novae-zelandiae E03
         |--L. obvoluta (Hooker & Taylor) Evans 1903 [=Jungermannia obvoluta Hooker & Taylor 1845] E03
         |--L. obvolutaeformis E03
         |--L. otiphylla E03
         |--L. pallide-virens (Hooker & Taylor) Mitt. 1877 (see below for synonymy) E03
         |--L. palustris E03
         |--L. planiuscula M49
         |--L. puccioana E03
         |    |--L. p. var. puccioana E03
         |    `--L. p. var. suspecta Massal. 1885 E03
         |--L. purpucilla E03
         |--L. rigens (Hooker & Taylor) Evans 1903 [=Jungermannia rigens Hooker & Taylor 1844] E03
         |--L. sikkimensis G06
         |--L. spegazziniana E03
         |--L. stenophylla Schiffn. & Gottsche 1890 E03
         |--L. subporosa M49
         |--L. textilis D03
         |--L. trachyopa D03
         |--L. trapezoidea J87
         |--L. trialata M49
         |--L. triseriata D03
         |--L. vasculosa (Hooker & Taylor) Nees 1847 (see below for synonymy) E03
         `--L. virens E03

Lophocolea horizontalis (Hooker) Evans 1903 [=Jungermannia horizontalis Hooker 1818, Chiloscyphus horizontalis Nees 1845; incl. J. grandifolia Hooker & Taylor 1844, C. grandifolius Taylor 1845] E03

Lophocolea lenta (Hooker & Taylor) Taylor 1845 [=Jungermannia lenta Hooker & Taylor 1844; incl. J. diademata Hooker & Taylor 1844, J. secundifolia Hooker & Taylor 1844] E03

Lophocolea pallide-virens (Hooker & Taylor) Mitt. 1877 [=Jungermannia pallide-virens Hooker & Taylor 1844, Chiloscyphus pallide-virens Taylor 1845] E03

Lophocolea vasculosa (Hooker & Taylor) Nees 1847 [=Jungermannia vasculosa Hooker & Taylor 1844; incl. J. elata Gottsche 1890] E03

*Type species of generic name indicated


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