Anthoceros agrestis, photographed by BerndH.

Belongs within: Embryophyta.

The Anthocerotophyta include the hornworts, small non-vascular plants that produce relatively long horn-like sporophytes. Though classified in the past as liverworts, hornworts are distinct from other plants, and may represent the closest living relatives of vascular plants.

Characters (from Villarreal et al. 2010, Frey et al. 2001): Cells mostly uniplastidic, with alga-like chloroplast containing central pyrenoid; gametophytes harbouring internal colonies of cyanobacteria; gametophyte-sporophyte junction with sporophyte haustorial cells intermingling with gametophyte transfer cells; sporophyte growing from basal meristem, continually producing spores from tip downward.

<==Anthocerotophyta [Anthocerotae, Anthocerotales, Anthocerotopsida]
    |  i. s.: Folioceros FHH01
    |           |--F. appendiculatus FHH01
    |           `--F. fuciformis FHH01
    |         Dendroceros BC98
    |           |--D. cavernosa FHH01
    |           |--D. javanicus FHH01
    |           |--D. tubercularis FHH01
    |           `--D. validus FHH01
    |--Notothylas [Notothyladaceae] SS07
    |    |--N. indica Kashyap in Kashyap & Dutt 1925 SG07
    |    |--N. kahyapii Singh 2000 SS07
    |    |--N. levieri G06
    |    |--N. orbicularis FHH01
    |    |--N. temperata FHH01
    |    `--N. udarii Singh & Semwal 2001 SS07
    `--Anthocerotaceae [Phaeocerotaceae] SS07
         |--Phaeoceros SS07
         |    |--P. carolinianus FHH01
         |    `--P. laevis (Linnaeus) Prosk. 1951 [=Anthoceros laevis Linnaeus 1753] SS07
         |--Anthoceros BC98
         |    |--A. agrestis L-BC03
         |    |--A. caucasicus FHH01
         |    |--A. crispulus (Mont.) Douin 1905 [=A. punctatus var. crispulus Mont. 1840] B05
         |    |--A. endiviaefolius Montagne 1845 [incl. A. jamesonii Taylor 1855] E03
         |    |--A. erectus Kahyap 1915 SS07
         |    |--A. formosae FHH01
         |    |--A. granulosa FHH01
         |    `--A. punctatus FHH01
         `--Megaceros G06
              |--M. flagellaris FHH01
              |--M. giganteus M49
              `--M. tjibodensis G06

*Type species of generic name indicated


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