Alyce clover Alysicarpus violaceus, copyright Vinayaraj.

Belongs within: Papilionoideae.
Contains: Lespedeza, Desmodium.

The Desmodieae are a group of legumes characterised by the production of jointed indehiscent fruits and (1–)3-foliolate leaves with stipels.

<==Desmodieae CP13
    |--+--Campylotropis macrocarpa CP13
    |  `--+--Lespedeza CP13
    |     `--Kummerowia CP13
    |          |--K. stipulacea CP13
    |          `--K. striata MH98
    `--+--+--Phyllodium pulchellum CP13
       |  `--Tadehagi CP13
       |       |--T. robustum LK14
       |       `--T. triquetrum CP13
       `--+--Pseudarthria CP13
          |    |--P. hookeri CP13
          |    `--P. viscida SR07
          `--+--+--Desmodium CP13
             |  `--Uraria CP13
             |       |--U. alopecuroides P03
             |       |--U. crinita CP13
             |       |--U. lagopodioides LK14
             |       `--U. picta DP72
             `--Alysicarpus CP13
                  |--A. bupleurifolius P03
                  |--A. major LK14
                  |--A. monilifer PP07
                  |    |--A. m. var. monilifer PP07
                  |    `--A. m. var. venosa PP07
                  |--A. muelleri LK14
                  |--A. nummulariaefolius [=Hedysarum nummulariaefolium] C55
                  |--A. ovalifolius LK14
                  |--A. schomburgkii LK14
                  |--A. styracifolius SR07
                  |--A. suffructosus LK14
                  `--A. vaginalis CP13

*Type species of generic name indicated


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