Holotype of Anodonta wheatleyi, from the Mussel Project.

Belongs within: Unionidae.

Anodonta is a genus of freshwater mussels in which the shell is oblong, thin, and rather compressed behind, and the hinge margin lacks teeth (Gray 1840).

Anodonta Lamarck 1799 G07 (see below for synonymy)
    `--A. (Lamproscapha) A66a
         |--A. (L.) ensiformis A66a
         `--A. (L.) wheatleyi A66a

Anodonta incertae sedis:
  A. anatina (Linnaeus 1758) G07 (see below for synonymy)
  A. arcaeformis (Heude 1877) (see below for synonymy) G07
  A. atra Rafinesque 1820 V16
  A. beringiana Middendorff 1851 (see below for synonymy) G07
  A. cataracta D84
  A. cuneata Rafinesque 1820 V16
  A. cygnea (Linnaeus 1758) TW07 (see below for synonymy)
  A. cyrea Drouët 1881 (see below for synonymy) G07
  A. dejecta PF15
  A. euscaphys (Heude 1879) [=Anemina euscaphys; incl. A. fuscoviridis (Moskvicheva 1973)] G07
  A. fragilis D84
  A. gibbosa D84
  A. grandis (Say 1829) JN90
  A. imbecillis T59
  A. implicata D84
  A. kennerlyi Lea 1860 R78
  A. mutabilis Rafinesque 1820 V16
  A. nigrescens Rafinesque 1820 V16
  A. ogurae (Kuroda & Habe 1987) [=Oguranodonta ogurae] G07
  A. pseudodopsis Locard 1883 [=Gabillotia pseudodopsis] G07
  A. ‘radiata’ Rafinesque 1820 non Müll. 1774 V16
  A. swinhoei Adams 1866 A66b
  A. vescoiana Bourguignat 1856 [=Euphrata vescoiana] G07
  A. violacina Rafinesque 1820 V16
  A. woodiana (Lea 1834) [=Sinanodonta woodiana] G07
    |--A. w. woodiana (see below for synonymy) G07
    |--A. w. japonica (von Martens 1874) (see below for synonymy) G07
    `--A. w. lauta E96

Anodonta Lamarck 1799 G07 [incl. Beringiana Starobogatov in Zatravkin 1983 G07, Colletopterum Bourguignat 1880 G07, Ellipsanodon Bogatov & Starobogatov 1996 G07, Euphrata Pallary 1933 G07, Gabillotia Servain 1890 G07, Goniocypris Brady & Robertson 1870 BB61, Kunashiria Starobogatov in Zatravkin 1983 G07, Oguranodonta Kuroda & Habe 1987 G07, Piscinaliana Bourguignat 1881 G07, Sinanodonta Modell 1945 G07; Anodontinae]

Anodonta anatina (Linnaeus 1758) G07 [=Mytilus anatinus G40, Colletopterum (Piscinaliana) anatinum G07; incl. C. apollonicum (Bourguignat 1880) G07, C. baeri (Bogatov, Starobogatov & Prozorova 2005) G07, C. convexum (Drouët 1888) G07, C. (Piscinaliana) depressum (Bourguignat 1881) G07, C. milaschevichi (Bogatov, Starobogatov & Prozorova 2005) G07, C. (P.) nilssonii (Küster 1842) G07, C. ostiarium (Drouët 1881) G07, C. (P.) piscinale (Nilsson 1823) G07, C. (P.) ponderosum (Pfeiffer 1825) G07, C. (P.) rostratum (Rossmässler 1836) G07, C. (P.) sorensianum (Dybowski 1913) G07, C. subcirculare (Clessin 1873) G07]

Anodonta arcaeformis (Heude 1877) [=Anemina arcaeformis; incl. Amuranodonta boloniensis (Zatravkin & Bogatov 1987), Ane. buldowskii (Moskvicheva 1973), Buldowskia cylindrica Moskvicheva 1973, B. flavotincta (von Martens 1905), Amuranodonta kijaensis Moskvicheva 1973, B. koreana Bogatov & Starobogatov 1996, Am. lomakini (Zatravkin & Bogatov 1987), Am. parva Moskvicheva 1973, Buldowskia possietica Bogatov & Starobogatov 1996, Am. pulchra Bogatov & Starobogatov 1996, Anemina shadini (Moskvicheva 1973), Am. sitaensis (Bogatov & Starobogatov 1996), Buldowskia starobogatovi (Moskvicheva 1973), B. suifunensis (Zhadin 1938), B. suifunica (Lindholm 1925), B. suputinensis Moskvicheva 1973] G07

Anodonta beringiana Middendorff 1851 [=Beringiana beringiana; incl. B. compressa Sayenko & Bogatov 1998, B. chereshnevi Bogatov & Starobogatov 2001, B. derzhavini Bogatov & Starobogatov 2001, B. georginensis Bogatov & Starobogatov 2001, B. kamchatica Bogatov & Starobogatov 2001, B. youkanensis (Lea 1867)] G07

Anodonta cygnea (Linnaeus 1758) TW07 [=Mytilus cygneus G40, Anodon cygneus G40; incl. M. avonensis G40, Anodon cygneus var. avonensis G40, M. cellensis G40, Anodon cygneus var. cellensis G40, Anodonta cellensis PV06, Anodonta complanata G40, Anodon cygneus var. complanata G40, Anodonta compressa G40, Anodonta crassa Marks ms G40, Mytilus dentatus G40, M. incrassatus G40, Anodonta intermedia G40, M. maculatus G40, *Goniocypris mitra Brady & Robertson 1870 BB61, Anodon paludosus G40, Anodonta piscinalis G40, Anodon cygneus var. piscinalis G40, Anodonta ponderosa G40, Anodonta rhombea G40, Anodonta rostrata G40, Anodon cygneus var. rostrata G40, Mytilus stagnalis Gmelin 1791 G40, G07, Anodon cygneus var. stagnalis G40, Anodonta stagnalis G07, Anodonta sulcata G40, Anodonta ventricosa G40, Anodonta zellensis (Gmelin 1791) G07]

Anodonta cyrea Drouët 1881 [=Colletopterum (Piscinaliana) cyreum; incl. C. (P.) bactrianum (Rolle 1897), C. (P.) kokandicum Starobogatov & Izzatullaev 1984] G07

Anodonta woodiana japonica (von Martens 1874) [=Kunashiria japonica; incl. K. japonica boreosakhalinensis Labay & Shulga 1999, K. compressa (Bogatov & Starobogatov 1996), K. coptzevi (Zatravkin & Bogatov 1987), Anodonta haconensis von Ihering 1893, K. haconensis, K. iturupica Bogatov, Sayenko & Starobogatov 1999, K. iwakawai (Suzuki 1939), Amuranodonta sihotealinica Zatravkin & Starobogatov 1984, K. sinanodontoides Bogatov, Sayenko & Starobogatov 1999, K. taranetzi (Zhadin 1938), K. zarjaensis (Bogatov & Zatravkin 1988), K. zimini (Zatravkin & Bogatov 1987)] G07

Anodonta woodiana woodiana (Lea 1834) [incl. Sinanodonta amurensis Moskvicheva 1973, S. crassitesta Moskvicheva 1973, S. fukudai Modell 1947, S. gibba (Benson 1855), S. likharevi Moskvicheva 1973, S. (Ellipsanodon) manchurica Bogatov & Starobogatov 1996, S. orbicularis (Heude 1880), S. primorjensis Bogatov & Zatravkin 1988, S. puerorum (Heude 1880), S. schrencki Moskvicheva 1973] G07

*Type species of generic name indicated


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