Pigeon pea Cajanus cajan, copyright Tau Ľolunga.

Belongs within: Papilionoideae.

The Cajaninae are a group of legumes characterised by the production of distinctive secretory structures such as vesicular glands and/or bulbous-based trichomes.

<==Cajaninae CP13
    |--+--Eriosema CP13
    |  |    |--E. chinense LK14
    |  |    |--E. diffusum CP13
    |  |    `--E. harmsiana CV06
    |  `--Rhynchosia CP13
    |       |--R. australis LK14
    |       |--R. edulis CP13
    |       |--R. erythrinoides J87
    |       |--R. minima LK14
    |       `--R. rostrata LK14
    `--Cajanus CP13
         |--C. acutifolius LK14
         |--C. cajan CP13
         |--C. cinereus LK14
         |--C. confertiflorus B00
         |--C. geminatus LK14
         |--C. hirtopilosus LK14
         |--C. indicus R35
         |--C. lanceolatus LK14
         |--C. latisepalus LK14
         |--C. marmoratus LK14
         |--C. pubescens LK14
         |--C. reticulatus LK14
         |    |--C. r. var. reticulatus LK14
         |    `--C. r. var. grandiflorus LK14
         |--C. scarabaeoides LK14
         |    |--C. s. var. scarabaeoides LK14
         |    `--C. s. var. pedunculatus LK14
         `--C. viscidus LK14

*Type species of generic name indicated


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