Lespedeza thunbergii, copyright BotBln.

Belongs within: Desmodieae.

Lespedeza, bush clovers, is a genus of leguminous herbs and shrubs found in eastern Asia and eastern North America.

Characters (from Flora of China): Subshrubs, shrubs, or perennial herbs. Leaves pinnately compound, 3-foliolate; stipule small, subulate or linear, persistent or caducous; stipels absent; leaflets entire. Racemes axillary or flowers fasciculate; bracts persistent, 2-flowered at each bract; bracteoles 2, often persistent; flowers often dimorphic, corollate or not (cleistogamous plants). Calyx campanulate; tube short; lobes 5, upper 2 often connate at base. Corolla exserted; standard oblong or obovate; wings oblong, straight, clawed, auriculate, connivent with keel; keel obtuse and incurved. Stamens 10, diadelphous (9+1), equal. Ovary superior, 1-ovuled; style incurved; stigma terminal. Legume ovoid, obovoid, or ellipsoidal, rarely slightly globose, lenticular, indehiscent, reticulate veined, 1-seeded.

    |--L. bicolor AO88
    |--L. cuneata CP13
    |--L. formosa (Vogel) Koehne 1893 [=Desmodium formosum Vogel 1843] AO88
    |    |--L. f. ssp. formosa (see below for synonymy) AO88
    |    |--L. f. ssp. elliptica (Bentham) Akiyama & Ohba 1988 (see below for synonymy) AO88
    |    `--L. f. ssp. velutina (Nakai) Akiyama & Ohba 1988 [=L. bicolor var. velutina Nakai 1923] AO88
    |         |--L. f. ssp. v. var. velutina (see below for synonymy) AO88
    |         `--L. f. ssp. v. var. satsumensis (Nakai) Akiyama & Ohba 1988 (see below for synonymy) AO88
    |--L. japonica AO88
    |--L. nipponica AO88
    `--L. thunbergii [incl. L. racemosa, L. sieboldii] AO88

Lespedeza formosa ssp. formosa (Vogel) Koehne 1893 [=L. bicolor ssp. formosa (Vogel) Hsu, Li & Gu 1983; incl. L. hayatae Hatusima 1967, L. pubescens Hayata 1911, L. viatorum Champ. ex Bentham in Hooker 1852, L. wilfordii Ricker 1942] AO88

Lespedeza formosa ssp. elliptica (Bentham) Akiyama & Ohba 1988 [=L. elliptica Bentham ex Maximowicz 1873, L. bicolor ssp. elliptica (Bentham) Hsu, Li & Gu 1983] AO88

Lespedeza formosa ssp. velutina var. satsumensis (Nakai) Akiyama & Ohba 1988 [=L. satsumensis Nakai 1928, L. nipponica var. satsumensis (Nakai) Murata 1962, L. thunbergii var. satsumensis (Nakai) Ohwi 1965; incl. L. formosa var. australis Hatusima 1967, L. japonica var. australis (Hatusima) Murata 1978] AO88

Lespedeza formosa ssp. velutina var. velutina (Nakai) Akiyama & Ohba 1988 [incl. L. intermedia var. alba Nakai 1923, L. intermedia var. angustifolia Nakai 1923, L. japonica f. angustifolia (Nakai) Murata 1982, L. japonica var. angustifolia (Nakai) Nakai 1927, L. penduliflora var. albiflora f. angustifolia (Nakai) Ohwi 1953 (n. n.), L. thunbergii var. albiflora f. angustifolia (Nakai) Ohwi 1965, L. japonica var. gracilis Nakai 1927, L. intermedia Nakai 1923 non Britt. 1893, L. japonica var. intermedia (Nakai) Nakai 1927, L. kiusiana Nakai 1927, L. japonica var. retusa Nakai 1927, L. japonica var. spicata Nakai 1939, L. tetraloba Nakai 1939] AO88

*Type species of generic name indicated


[AO88] Akiyama, S., & H. Ohba. 1988. Taxonomy of Lespedeza formosa (Vogel) Koehne. In: Ohba, H., & S. B. Malla (eds) The Himalayan Plants vol. 1. The University Museum, University of Tokyo, Bulletin 31: 217–229.

[CP13] Cardoso, D., R. T. Pennington, L. P. de Queiroz, J. S. Boatwright, B.-E. Van Wyk, M. F. Wojciechowski & M. Lavin. 2013. Reconstructing the deep-branching relationships of the papilionoid legumes. South African Journal of Botany 89: 58–75.

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