Wall cotoneaster Cotoneaster horizontalis, copyright Peganum.

Belongs within: Rosales.

Cotoneaster is a Palaearctic genus of trees and (more commonly) shrubs bearing usually red fruits (Hickman 1993).

Characters (from Hickman 1993): Shrub or tree, unarmed. Leaves stipuled, petioled, subevergreen, entire. Flowers solitary or clustered at branch tips. Bractlets on hypanthium absent; sepals persistent; stamens about 20; ovary inferior, 2-5-chambered, styles 2-5, free. Fruit a pome, drupe-like.

    |--C. adpressus O88
    |--C. congestus O88
    |--C. duthieanus O88
    |--C. franchetii H06
    |--C. glaucophyllus H90
    |--C. horizontalis NPA01
    |--C. integerrimus Medikus 1793 (see below for synonymy) TR03
    |--C. ludlowii O88
    |--C. mathonnetii Gandoger 1875 TR03
    |--C. microphyllus O88
    |--C. obtusus V09
    |--C. pannosa H93
    |--C. rotundifolius H90
    |--C. sanguineus O88
    |--C. sherriffii O88
    |--C. simonsii H59
    |--C. tomentosa C55
    `--C. zayulensis O88

Cotoneaster integerrimus Medikus 1793 [=Mespilus cotoneaster Linnaeus 1753, C. vulgaris Lindley 1822; incl. C. scandinavicus Hylmö 1993] TR03

*Type species of generic name indicated


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