Pomaderris vellea, copyright Melburnian.

Belongs within: Rhamnaceae.

Pomaderris is a genus of hairy shrubs and small trees found in Australia and New Zealand.

Characters (from Harden 1990): Shrubs or occasionally small trees; young stems, lower surface of leaves and inflorescences more or less tomentose, hairs generally stellate or mixed with, or concealed by, longer simple hairs. Leaves simple, alternate, petiolate; stipules brown, scarious, usually shed early. Flowers usually yellow or sometimes whitish, mostly c. 2 mm long, clustered in small cymes mostly grouped into terminal panicles or corymbs, sometimes in head-like clusters; bracts surrounding buds usually shed early. Hypanthium fused to ovary and disc. Sepals 5, often reflexed. Petals absent or 5 and often falling early, not enclosing the stamens. Stamens 5; filaments usually long and incurved. Disc annular, surrounding the base of the ovary. Ovary more or less half-inferior. Capsule septicidal, generally fused for about half its length to hypanthium; separating into 3 mericarps that open on inner face. Mostly flowering in spring, with buds apparent for many months before flowers open.

<==Pomaderris Labill. 1804 A61
    |--P. andromedifolia B00
    |--P. angustifolia H90
    |--P. apetala Labill. 1804 [incl. P. mollis Col. 1893, P. tainui Hector 1879] A61
    |--P. argyrophylla H90
    |--P. aspera Sieb. ex DC. 1825 A61
    |--P. banksii Ettingshausen 1886 F71
    |--P. betulina SK93
    |--P. brogoensis H90
    |--P. cotoneaster B00
    |--P. brunnea H90
    |--P. cinerea H90
    |--P. cocoparrana H90
    |--P. costata H90
    |--P. cotoneaster H90
    |--P. discolor DC. 1825 A61
    |--P. edgerleyi Hooker 1864 L97, A61 [=P. prunifolia var. edgerleyi (Hooker) Moore in Allan 1961 A61]
    |--P. elachophylla H90
    |--P. elliptica SK93 [incl. P. multiflora Sieb. ex DC. 1825 H90, A61]
    |--P. eriocephala H90
    |--P. ferruginea SK93
    |--P. gilmourii H90
    |    |--P. g. var. gilmourii H90
    |    `--P. g. var. cana H90
    |--P. hamiltonii Moore in Allan 1961 A61
    |--P. helianthemifolia H90
    |--P. intermedia Sieb. ex DC. 1825 A61
    |--P. kumeraho Cunn. 1839 A61
    |--P. lanigera B00
    |--P. ledifolia H90
    |--P. ligustrina SK93
    |--P. nitidula H90
    |--P. notata H90
    |--P. oraria Muell. 1858 [=P. ovaria] A61
    |--P. pallida H90
    |--P. paniculosa L97
    |    |--P. p. var. paniculosa L97
    |    `--P. p. var. novae-zelandiae L97 [=P. oraria var. novae-zelandiae Moore in Allan 1961 A61]
    |--P. parrisiae H90
    |--P. pauciflora H90
    |--P. phylicifolia Lodd. ex Link 1821 A61
    |    |--P. p. var. phylicifolia A61
    |    |--P. p. var. ericifolia (Hook.) Moore in Allan 1961 [=P. ericifolia Hook. 1834; incl. P. amoena Col. 1886] A61
    |    |--P. p. var. ericoides H90
    |    `--P. p. var. polifolia (Reiss. & Muell.) Moore in Allan 1961 [=P. polifolia Reiss. & Muell. 1858] A61
    |--P. prunifolia Cunn. ex Fenzl 1837 A61
    |--P. queenslandica H90
    |--P. rugosa Cheesem. 1925 A61
    |--P. sericea H90
    |--P. sieberiana Wakefield 1951 A61
    |--P. subcapitata H90
    |--P. vellea H90
    |--P. velutina H90
    `--P. virgata H90

*Type species of generic name indicated


[A61] Allan, H. H. 1961. Flora of New Zealand vol. 1. Indigenous Tracheophyta: Psilopsida, Lycopsida, Filicopsida, Gymnospermae, Dicotyledones. R. E. Owen, Government Printer: Wellington (New Zealand).

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[SK93] Schirarend, C., & E. K√∂hler. 1993. Rhamnaceae Juss. World Pollen and Spore Flora 17/18: 1–53.

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