Geigeria ornativa, copyright Ina Dinter.

Belongs within: Asteraceae.

Geigeria is an African genus of composite-flowered woody shrublets.

    |--G. odontoptera CV06
    |--G. ornativa ssp. ornativa CV06
    |    |--G. o. ssp. o. var. ornativa CV06
    |    `--G. o. ssp. o. var. filifolia [incl. G. englerana, G. otaviensis] CV06
    |--G. pilifera CV06
    |--G. plumosa CV06
    |    |--G. p. ssp. plumosa CV06
    |    |--G. p. ssp. angustifolia CV06
    |    `--G. p. ssp. brachycephala CV06
    `--G. rigida CV06

*Type species of generic name indicated


[CV06] Craven, P., & P. Vorster. 2006. Patterns of plant diversity and endemism in Namibia. Bothalia 36 (2): 175–189.

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