Northern bobwhite Colinus virginianus, copyright Tim.

Belongs within: Phasiani.

The Odontophoridae, New World quails, are a group of smaller gamebirds found in North and South America characterised by lacking spurs on the legs and possessing a single serration or tooth on the cutting edge of the upper bill.

<==Odontophoridae [Callipeplinae, Odontophorinae, Ortyginae] JT12
    |--Cyrtonyx JT12
    |    |--C. montezumae JT12
    |    |    |--C. m. montezumae L81
    |    |    |--C. m. mearnsi L81
    |    |    `--C. m. merriami USDI77
    |    `--C. ocellatus JT12
    `--+--Oreortyx pictus (Douglas 1829) JT12, CC10 [=Ortyx picta CC10, Oregon pictus CC10, Oreortyx picta CC10]
       |    |--O. p. pictus L81
       |    |--O. p. confinis RN72
       |    |--O. p. palmeri L81
       |    `--O. p. russelli RN72
       `--+--Callipepla Wagler 1832 JT12, B94 [incl. Lophortyx Bonaparte 1838 CC10]
          |    |--C. squamata BKB15 [incl. *C. strenua CC10]
          |    |    |--C. s. squamata L81
          |    |    |--C. s. castanogastris L81
          |    |    `--C. s. pallida L81
          |    `--+--C. douglasii BKB15 [=Lophortyx douglasii RN72]
          |       |    |--C. d. douglasii RN72
          |       |    `--‘Lophortyx’ d. bensoni RN72
          |       `--+--C. californica (Shaw in Shaw & Nodder 1798) BKB15, CC10 (see below for synonymy)
          |          |    |--C. c. californica CC10
          |          |    |--C. c. brunnescens (Ridgway 1884) [=Lophortyx californica brunnescens] CC10
          |          |    |--‘Lophortyx’ c. catalinensis L81
          |          |    `--‘Lophortyx’ c. plumbeus L81
          |          `--C. gambelii BKB15 [=Lophortyx gambelii MW04]
          `--Colinus Goldfuss 1820 JT12, B94 [incl. Ortyx Stephens 1819 B94]
               |--C. cristatus JT12
               |    |--C. c. cristatus PP62
               |    |--C. c. parvicristatus (Gould 1843) [=Ortyx parvicristatus] PP62
               |    `--C. c. sonnini PP62
               |--C. leucopogon JT12
               |--C. nigrogularis JT12
               `--C. virginianus (Linnaeus 1758) [=Tetrao virginianus, Ortyx virginanus (l. c.), O. virginiana] CC10
                    |--C. v. virginianus CC10
                    |--C. v. cubanensis L81
                    |--C. v. floridanus L81
                    |--C. v. ridgwayi L81
                    |--C. v. taylori Lincoln 1915 CC10
                    `--C. v. texanus L81

Odontophoridae incertae sedis:
  Odontophorus Vieillot 1816 B94
    |--O. atrifrons JT12
    |--O. balliviani JT12
    |--O. capueira JT12
    |--O. columbianus JT12
    |--O. dialeucos JT12
    |--O. erythrops JT12
    |--O. gujanensis JT12
    |    |--O. g. gujanensis S18
    |    `--O. g. marmoratus S18
    |--O. guttatus JT12
    |--O. hyperythrus JT12
    |--O. leucolaemus JT12
    |--O. melanonotus JT12
    |--O. melanotis JT12
    |--O. speciosus JT12
    |--O. stellatus JT12
    `--O. strophium JT12
  Philortyx fasciatus JT12
  Rhynchortyx cinctus JT12
  Dendrortyx JT12
    |--D. barbatus JT12
    |--D. leucophrys JT12
    `--D. macroura JT12
  Dactylortyx thoracicus JT12
  Nanortyx inexpectatus Weigel 1963 M09

Callipepla californica (Shaw in Shaw & Nodder 1798) BKB15, CC10 [=Tetrao californicus CC10, *Lophortyx californica CC10, Ortyx californica CC10, O. californicus CC10]

*Type species of generic name indicated


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