Stylidium subgenus Tolypangium

Stylidium utricularioides, copyright Kevin Thiele.

Belongs within: Stylidiaceae.

The subgenus Tolypangium of the genus Stylidium is a group of triggerplants characterised by ovoid to longish capsules.

<==Stylidium subg. Tolypangium LK00
    |  i. s.: S. beaugleholei LK00
    |--S. sect. Despectae LK00
    |    |--S. inundatum LK00 [incl. S. brachyphyllum BR65, S. despectum LK00]
    |    |--S. sidjamesii Lowrie & Kenneally 2000 LK00
    |    |--S. tinkeri Lowrie & Kenneally 2000 LK00
    |    |--S. utricularioides LK00
    |    `--S. xanthopis LK00
    `--S. sect. Saxifragoides LK00
         |--S. coatesianum LK00
         `--S. hortiorum Lowrie & Kenneally 2000 LK00

*Type species of generic name indicated


[BR65] Black, J. M., & E. L. Robertson. 1965. Flora of South Australia. Part IV. Oleaceae–Compositae. W. L. Hawes, Government Printer: Adelaide.

[LK00] Lowrie, A., & K. F. Kenneally. 2000. Three new species of Stylidium (Stylidiaceae) from south-west Western Australia. Nuytsia 13: 293–302.

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