Orobanche section Orobanche

Orobanche minor, photographed by Thorogoodchris.

Belongs within: Orobanche.

The section Orobanche of the genus Orobanche is a group of broomrapes found in the Old World, members of which have a basic chromosome number of 19 (Schneeweiss et al. 2004).

<==Orobanche sect. Orobanche
    |  i. s.: O. alsatica SP04
    |           |--O. a. ssp. alsatica SP04
    |           |--O. a. ssp. libanotidis SP04
    |           `--O. a. ssp. mayeri SP04
    |         O. foetida SP04
    |         O. kashmirica SP04
    |         O. laserpitii-sileris SP04
    |         O. maritima SP04
    |         O. santolinae SP04
    |--O. macrolepis SP04
    `--+--+--O. anatolica SP04
       |  `--O. colorata SP04
       `--+--O. cernua SP04
          |    |--O. c. var. cernua SP04
          |    |--O. c. var. cumana SP04
          |    `--O. c. var. desertorum SP04
          `--+--O. coerulescens [incl. O. ammophila] SP04
             `--+--+--O. caryophyllacea SP04
                |  `--O. teucrii SP04
                `--+--O. lutea SP04 [=O. fasciculata var. lutea H93]
                   |--O. rapum-genistae SP04
                   |    |--O. r. ssp. rapum-genistae SP04
                   |    `--O. r. ssp. benthamii SP04
                   |--+--+--O. austrohispanica SP04
                   |  |  `--O. gracilis SP04
                   |  `--+--O. crinita SP04
                   |     `--O. densiflora SP04
                   `--+--+--O. raddeana SP04
                      |  `--+--O. grossheimii SP04
                      |     |--O. reticulata SP04
                      |     |    |--O. r. ssp. reticulata SP04
                      |     |    `--O. r. ssp. pallidiflora SP04
                      |     `--+--O. alba SP04
                      |        `--+--O. flava SP04
                      |           `--+--O. haenseleri SP04
                      |              `--+--O. lucorum SP04
                      |                 `--O. salviae SP04
                      `--+--O. bartlingii SP04
                         |--O. elatior SP04
                         `--+--O. sintenisii SP04
                            `--+--+--O. amethystea SP04
                               |  `--O. hederae SP04
                               `--+--O. artemisiae-campestris SP04
                                  |--O. crenata SP04
                                  |--O. minor Sutt. 1798 SP04, C06
                                  |--O. owerinii SP04
                                  |--O. picridis SP04
                                  |--O. pubescens SP04
                                  `--O. transcaucasica SP04

*Type species of generic name indicated


[C06] Cheeseman, T. F. 1906. Manual of the New Zealand Flora. John Mackay, Government Printer: Wellington.

[H93] Hickman, J. C. (ed.) 1993. The Jepson Manual: Higher Plants of California. University of California Press: Berkeley (California).

[SP04] Schneeweiss, G. M., T. Palomeque, A. l. E. Colwell & H. Weiss-Schneeweiss. 2004. Chromosome numbers and karyotype evolution in holoparasitic Orobanche (Orobanchaceae) and related genera. American Journal of Botany 91 (3): 439–448.

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