Micropsectra junci, copyright J. K. Lindsey.

Belongs within: Chironomidae.

The Tanytarsini are a group of non-biting midges with a long first tarsomere on the fore leg and usually with macrotrichia on the wings (Oliver 1981).

Characters (from Oliver 1981): Wing membrane usually with macrotrichia; calypter always without fringe; crossvein r-m nearly parallel to R4+5, and continuous with it, or if oblique, then wing apex truncated; crossvein m-cu absent. First tarsomere of foreleg longer than fore tibia; hind tibia with two combs composed of basally fused spines. Gonostylus fused to gonocoxite and directed backward.

<==Tanytarsini G09
    |--Corynocera ambigua O81, R86
    |--Lenziella cruscula O81
    |--Zavrelia O81
    |--Stempellina bausei O81, R86 [incl. S. montivaga R86]
    |--Lauterbornia O81
    |--Nandeva SA09
    |--Pontomyia SA09
    |--Skutzia SA09
    |--Constempellina SA09
    |--Neostempellina thienemanni SA09, R86
    |--Stempellinella SA09
    |--Neozavrelia luteola SA09
    |--Parapsectra SA09
    |--Sublettea SA09
    |--Virgatanytarsus arduennensis SA09
    |--Rheotanytarsus O81
    |    |--R. calakmulensis SA09
    |    `--R. rhenanus R86
    |--Paratanytarsus O81
    |    |--P. grimmii SA09
    |    `--P. quadratus SA09
    |--Cladotanytarsus O81
    |    |--C. lewisi P09
    |    |--C. mancus D91
    |    `--C. viridiventris O81
    |--Caladomyia SA09
    |    |--C. pistra SA09
    |    `--C. riotarumensis SA09
    |--Tanytarsus SA09
    |    |--T. barbitarsus PH10
    |    |--T. ejuncidus R86
    |    |--T. guatemalensis Sublette & Sasa 1994 SA09
    |    |--T. heusdensis G09
    |    |--T. pallidocornis G09
    |    |--T. pandus SA09
    |    `--T. vespertinus B87
    `--Micropsectra G09
         |--M. atitlanensis Sublette & Sasa 1994 SA09
         |--M. atrofasciata G09
         |--M. bidentata G09
         |--M. junci G09
         |--M. longicrista G09
         |--M. notescens G09
         |--M. pallidula G09
         |--M. schrankelae G09
         `--M. subvirida G09

*Type species of generic name indicated


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