Esenbeckia sp., from here.

Belongs within: Tabanidae.

The Pangoniini are a group of horse flies characterised by the presence of apical spurs on the hind tibia, an undivided tergite 9, and male terminalia with a bifid stylus (Pechuman & Teskey 1981).

<==Pangoniini PT81
    |--Stonemyia tranquilla PT81
    |--Brennania hera PT81
    |--Asaphomyia floridensis PT81
    |--Chaetopalpus coracinus M54
    |--Parasilvius fulvus M54
    |--Ectenopsis M54
    |--Caenoprosopon M54
    |--Protodasyapha M54
    |--Corizoneura chrysophilus M54
    |--Pilimas PT81
    |    |--P. californicus PT81
    |    `--P. ruficornis PT81
    |--Apatolestes comastes PT81
    |    |--A. c. comastes M54
    |    `--A. c. willistoni M54
    |--Pangonius Latreille 1802 L02
    |    |--P. mauretanus M54 [=Tabanus mauritanicus L02; incl. P. mauretanus var. aethiops M54]
    |    |--P. proboscideus [=Tabanus proboscideus] L02
    |    `--P. rostratus [=Tabanus rostratus] L02
    `--Esenbeckia PT81
         |--E. delta M90
         |--E. (Proboscoides) ecuadorensis B09
         |    |--E. e. ecuadorensis B09
         |    `--E. e. chagresensis B09
         `--E. (Esenbeckia) peruviana B09

*Type species of generic name indicated


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