Larva of Philorus sp., from the California Department of Fish and Wildlife.

Belongs within: Neoneura.
Contains: Psychodoidea.

The Psychodomorpha is a clade of flies including the moth flies of the Psychodidae and their close relatives. In the circumscription given below, it is supported by molecular data (Wiegmann et al. 2011).

<==Psychodomorpha WT11
    |--+--Kuperwoodidae GE05
    |  |--Hennigmatidae GE05
    |  |--Grauvogelia [Grauvogeliidae] GE05
    |  |    `--G. arzvilleriana GE05
    |  `--+--Psychodoidea WT11
    |     `--Nadiptera [Nadipteridae] GE05
    |          `--N. kaluginae KK02
    `--Blephariceridae [Blepharicerimorpha] WT11
         |--Edwardsina [Edwardsininae] C09
         |    |--E. ferrugiana CM91
         |    `--E. gigantea WT11
         |--Apistomyiinae [Apistomyiini] CM70
         |    |--Apistomyia tonnoiri CM91
         |    |--Parapistomyia CM91
         |    |--Austrocurupira CM91
         |    `--Neocurupira CM70
         `--Blepharicerinae H81
              |  i. s.: Aposonalco amoyote C09
              |         Kelloggina C09
              |         Limonicola lichanos C09
              |--Paltostoma C09 [Paltostomini H81]
              |    |--P. argyrocincta C09
              |    |--P. exserta C09
              |    `--P. schineri C09
              `--Blepharicerini H81
                   |--Bibiocephala grandis H81
                   |--Blepharicera H81
                   |    |--B. ostensackeni H81
                   |    `--B. tenuipes H81
                   |--Dioptopsis H81
                   |    |--D. aylmeri H81
                   |    `--D. sequioarum H81
                   |--Agathon H81
                   |    |--A. comstocki H81
                   |    |--A. doanei H81
                   |    `--A. elegantulus H81
                   `--Philorus H81
                        |--P. californicus H81
                        |--P. jacinto H81
                        `--P. yosemite H81

*Type species of generic name indicated


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