Larva of Philorus sp., from the California Department of Fish and Wildlife.

Belongs within: Neoneura.
Contains: Psychodoidea.

The Psychodomorpha is a clade of flies including the moth flies of the Psychodidae and their close relatives. In the circumscription given below, it is supported by molecular data (Wiegmann et al. 2011). Members include the Blephariceridae, a cosmopolitan group of slender, long-legged flies with wings bearing a secondary network of vein-like markings (Colless & McAlpine 1991).

<==Psychodomorpha WT11
    |--+--Kuperwoodidae GE05
    |  |--Hennigmatidae GE05
    |  |--Grauvogelia [Grauvogeliidae] GE05
    |  |    `--G. arzvilleriana GE05
    |  `--+--Psychodoidea WT11
    |     `--Nadiptera [Nadipteridae] GE05
    |          `--N. kaluginae KK02
    `--Blephariceridae [Blepharicerimorpha, Blepharoceridae] WT11
         |--Edwardsina [Edwardsininae] C09
         |    |--E. ferrugiana CM91
         |    `--E. gigantea WT11
         |--Apistomyiinae [Apistomyiini] CM70
         |    |--Apistomyia tonnoiri CM91
         |    |--Parapistomyia CM91
         |    |--Austrocurupira CM91
         |    `--Neocurupira CM70
         `--Blepharicerinae C09
              |  i. s.: Aposonalco amoyote C09
              |         Kelloggina C09
              |         Limonicola lichanos C09
              |--Paltostoma C09 [Paltostomini H81]
              |    |--P. argyrocincta C09
              |    |--P. exserta C09
              |    `--P. schineri C09
              `--Blepharicerini H81
                   |--Bibiocephala grandis H81
                   |--Dioptopsis H81
                   |    |--D. aylmeri H81
                   |    `--D. sequioarum H81
                   |--Blepharicera H81
                   |    |--B. ostensackeni H81
                   |    |--B. tenuipes H81
                   |    `--B. tetrophtalma O98
                   |--Agathon H81
                   |    |--A. comstocki C09
                   |    |--A. doanei H81
                   |    `--A. elegantulus H81
                   `--Philorus H81
                        |--P. californicus H81
                        |--P. jacinto H81
                        `--P. yosemite H81

*Type species of generic name indicated


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Last updated: 29 December 2020.

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