Ogcodes sp., copyright Donald Hobern.

Belongs within: Orthorrhapha.

The Acroceridae, small-headed flies, are a group of flies that develop as endoparasitoids of spiders.

Characters (from Schlinger 1981): Small to large flies, 2.5-21 mm long. Head small to medium-sized, consisting mostly of large compound eyes. Abdomen globose, globose-elongate, or narrow and tapering or parallel-sided; color dull or shiny and often bright metallic green, blue, red, or purple, or sometimes brown, black, orange, yellow, or white with maculations on abdomen and with vittae on mesonotum. Some species bee-like, others wasp-like, and some even beetle-like, many appearing to be mimics. Family characterised by following combination of morphological structures: three-segmented antenna, small head, large calypter, pulvilliform empodia, simple unbranched R2, and body without bristles.

Acroceridae [Cyrtidae, Inflata] S09
    |--Acrocytinae S09
    |--Archocyrtus [Archocyrtinae] S81
    |    `--A. gibbosus S81
    |--Philopotinae S81
    |    |--Philopota truquii S81
    |    |--Prophilopota succinea S81
    |    |--Eulonchiella eocenica S81
    |    |--Megalybus S09
    |    `--Thyllis splendens S09, S81
    |--Panopinae S81
    |    |--Eulonchus halli S81
    |    |--Ocnaea smithi S81
    |    |--Pialea ecuadorensis S09, S81
    |    |--Apelleia S09
    |    |    |--A. grossa S09
    |    |    `--A. vittata S09
    |    |--Lasia S81
    |    |    |--L. colei S09
    |    |    |--L. purpurata S81
    |    |    `--L. rostrata S09
    |    |--Pterodontia S81
    |    |    |--P. flavipes A71
    |    |    |--P. misella S81
    |    |    |--P. vix S81
    |    |    `--P. westwoodi S09
    |    `--Rhysogaster S81
    `--Acrocerinae S81
         |--Villalites electrica S81
         |--Glaesoncodes completinervis S81
         |--Turbopsebius Schlinger 1972 S81
         |    |--*T. diligens [=Opsebius diligens] S81
         |    `--T. sulphuripes S81
         |--Acrocera S81
         |    |--A. bimaculata S81
         |    |--A. bulla S81
         |    |--A. convexa S81
         |    |--A. globulus A71
         |    |--A. hirsuta S81
         |    `--A. subfasciata S81
         `--Ogcodes Latreille 1802 [incl. Henops] L02
              |  i. s.: O. basalis WT11
              |--O. (Ogcodes) S09
              |    |--*O. (O.) gibbosus [=Syrphus gibbosus] L02
              |    |--O. (O.) adaptatus S81
              |    |--O. (O.) borealis S81
              |    |--O. (O.) colei S81
              |    |--O. (O.) dispar S09
              |    |--O. (O.) eugonatus S81
              |    `--O. (O.) pallidipennis S09
              `--O. (Neogcodes) albiventris S81

Acroceridae incertae sedis:
  Sabroskya S81
  Protogcodes S81
  Hadrogaster S81
  Nipponcyrtus S81
  Meruia S81
  Dimacrocolus pauliani S81
  Camposella S81
  Villalus S81
  Archipialea S81
  Arrhynchus S81
  Exetasis eickstedtae S81
  Psilodera S81
  Leucopsina odyneroides C91
  Terphis S81
  Astomella S81
  Panops CM91
  Panocalda CM91
  Mesophysa CM91
  Cyrtus Latreille 1802 L02
    `--*C. acephalus [=Empis acephala] L02

*Type species of generic name indicated


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