Ozodiceromyia sp., possibly O. notata, copyright Yurika Alexander.

Belongs within: Therevidae.

The Therevinae are a widespread group of stiletto flies characterised primarily by features of the genitalia. Members include the diverse North American genus Ozodiceromyia, characterised by areas of reduced pubescence on the frons, thorax and/or abdomen, with the frons usually being shiny black in females and having a small shiny black area in males (Gaimari & Webb 2009).

Characters (from Winterton et al. 2001): Male genitalia with dorsal apodeme of parameral sheath free from gonocoxal apodeme; ventral apodeme of parameral sheath simple. Female genitalia with acanthophorites well developed; intersegmental membrane between sternite 8 and furca sclerotised; tergite 8 joined to tergite 9+10 by sclerotised bridge; two spermathecae; spermathecal sac present. Pupa with alar spine present. Larva with labial beard present; anterior maxillary palp large.

<==Therevinae GW09
    `--Cyclotelini GW09
         |--Anolinga longiventris GW09
         |--Breviperna placida GW09
         |--Coleiana GW09
         |--Crebraseta GW09
         |--Nesonana GW09
         |--Spiracolis GW09
         |--Cyclotelus GW09
         |    |--C. bellus GW09
         |    |--C. nigrifrons GW09
         |    |--C. pictipennis GW09
         |    |--C. rufiventris GW09
         |    `--C. sumichrasti GW09
         `--Ozodiceromyia GW09
              |--O. argentifera GW09
              |--O. costalis BT04
              |--O. mexicana GW09
              |--O. notata GW09
              `--O. signatipennis GW09

Therevinae incertae sedis:
  Anabarhynchus WY01
    |--A. calceatus CM91
    `--A. tristis WY01
  Irwiniella WY01
  Megathereva WY01
  Platycarenum WY01
  Brachylinga cinerea IL81, GW09
  Thereva Latreille 1802 L02
    |--*T. plebeja [=Bibio plebeja] L02
    |--T. anilis G20
    |--T. bipunctata K01
    |--T. fucata GW09
    |--T. marginula K01
    `--T. nobilitata RD77
  Psilocephala WY01
    |--P. electrella GE05
    |--P. hypogaea IL81
    `--P. scudderi IL81

*Type species of generic name indicated


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Last updated: 2 January 2021.

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