Ozodiceromyia sp., possibly O. notata, copyright Yurika Alexander.

Belongs within: Therevidae.

The Therevinae are a group of stiletto flies found in the Americas and the Palaearctic region (Irwin & Lyneborg 1981).

Characters (from Winterton et al. 2001): Male genitalia with dorsal apodeme of parameral sheath free from gonocoxal apodeme; ventral apodeme of parameral sheath simple. Female genitalia with acanthophorites well developed; intersegmental membrane between sternite 8 and furca sclerotised; tergite 8 joined to tergite 9+10 by sclerotised bridge; two spermathecae; spermathecal sac present. Pupa with alar spine present. Larva with labial beard present; anterior maxillary palp large.

<==Therevinae WY01
    `--Cyclotelini GW09
         |--Anolinga longiventris GW09
         |--Breviperna placida GW09
         |--Coleiana GW09
         |--Crebraseta GW09
         |--Nesonana GW09
         |--Spiracolis GW09
         |--Cyclotelus GW09
         |    |--C. bellus GW09
         |    |--C. nigrifrons GW09
         |    |--C. pictipennis GW09
         |    |--C. rufiventris IL81
         |    `--C. sumichrasti GW09
         `--Ozodiceromyia GW09
              |--O. argentifera GW09
              |--O. costalis BT04
              |--O. mexicana GW09
              |--O. notata GW09
              `--O. signatipennis IL81

Therevinae incertae sedis:
  Anabarhynchus WY01
    |--A. calceatus CM91
    `--A. tristis WY01
  Irwiniella WY01
  Megathereva WY01
  Platycarenum WY01
  Brachylinga cinerea IL81
  Thereva Latreille 1802 L02
    |--*T. plebeja [=Bibio plebeja] L02
    |--T. bipunctata K01
    |--T. fucata IL81
    `--T. marginula K01
  Psilocephala WY01
    |--P. electrella GE05
    |--P. hypogaea IL81
    `--P. scudderi IL81

*Type species of generic name indicated


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