Zuphium olens, copyright Amy.

Belongs within: Harpalinae.
Contains: Galeritina, Gigadema, Planetina, Helluomorphoides, Dryptini.

The Zuphiitae are a group of carabid ground beetles whose members possess spination on the first stylomere of the ovipositor (Ober & Maddison 2008). They have been divided between several tribes; however, Ober & Maddison's (2008) phylogenetic analysis did not support monophyly of the tribes Zuphiini, Galeritini and Helluonini. Members of the Anthiini and Helluonina are large beetles with an enlarged labrum covering most of the mandibles in dorsal view. Species of the genus Anthia are capable of ejecting a spray of defensive chemicals from glands in the abdomen up to a distance of a metre. Members of the Zuphiini are characterised by truncate elytra and uniformly setose antennae with the first antennomere longer than the following two together. The genus Zuphium, with the head markedly constricted behind the eyes to form a 'neck', has a cosmopolitan distribution concentrated in the tropics.

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<==Zuphiitae [Anthiitae, Dryptitae] OM08
    |--Colasidia [Leleupidiina, Leleupidiini] B86
    |    `--C. monteithi Baehr 1988 Ba14b
    |--Anthiini OM08
    |    |--Cypholoba [Cypholobina] OM08
    |    `--Anthia [Anthiina] OM08
    |         |--A. cinctipennis B55
    |         |    |--A. c. cinctipennis B55
    |         |    `--A. c. actaeon B55
    |         |--A. circumscripta B55
    |         |    |--A. c. circumscripta B55
    |         |    `--A. c. omostigma [incl. A. niveicincta] B55
    |         |--A. maxillosa Bo14
    |         |--A. sexguttata L02
    |         `--A. thoracica (Thunberg 1784) Bo14
    `--Zuphiini (see below for synonymy) OM08
         |  i. s.: Progalerita B86
         |         Eunostus B86
         |         Meladroma lugubre B55
         |         Triaenogenius B55
         |           |--T. anthioides (Chaud. 1872) [=Acanthogenius anthioides] G89
         |           |--T. arabicus Gestro 1889 G89
         |           |--T. carinulatus (Fairm. 1887) [=Acanthogenius carinulatus] G89
         |           |--T. corpulentus Chaud. 1877 G89
         |           |--T. ferox (Erichs. 1843) [=Helluo ferox] G89
         |           |--T. helluonoides (Ancey 1881) [=Anthia helluonoides] G89
         |           `--T. sculpturatus (Gerst. 1866) [=Acanthogenius sculpturatus] G89
         |--+--Galeritina OM08
         |  `--+--+--Omphra OM08
         |     |  `--Macrocheilus Kirby 1838 OM08, BR05
         |     |       |--M. bimaculatus B55
         |     |       `--M. biplagiatus B55
         |     `--+--Acrogenys Macleay 1864 OM08, Ba14b [Dicrodontina]
         |        |    |  i. s.: A. centralis GWW10
         |        |    |--A. (Acrogenys) LM87
         |        |    |    |--*A. (A.) hirsuta Macleay 1864 LM87
         |        |    |    |--A. (A.) demarzi Baehr 1984 LM87
         |        |    |    `--A. (A.) laticollis Baehr 1984 LM87
         |        |    `--A. (Paracrogenys Baehr 1984) LM87
         |        |         `--A. (*P.) longicollis Gestro 1875 LM87
         |        `--Helluonina OM08
         |             |  i. s.: Helluo Bonelli 1813 LM87
         |             |           |--*H. costatus Bonelli 1813 [incl. H. carinatus Chaudoir 1848] LM87
         |             |           `--H. insignis Sloane 1890 LM87
         |             |--Dicranoglossus Chaudoir 1872 OM08, LM87
         |             |    `--*D. resplendens (Castelnau 1867) (see below for synonymy) LM87
         |             `--+--Gigadema OM08
         |                `--Aenigma Newman 1836 OM08, LM87
         |                     `--*A. iris Newman 1836 (see below for synonymy) LM87
         `--+--+--Thalpius LeConte 1851 OM08, LM87 (see below for synonymy)
            |  |    |--*T. pygmaeus (Dejean 1826) [=Helluo pygmaeus, Pseudaptinus (*Thalpius) pygmaeus] LM87
            |  |    |--T. australis (Blackburn 1889) [=Acrogenys australis, Pseudaptinus (Thalpius) australis] LM87
            |  |    `--T. fulvus (Castelnau 1867) [=*Zuphiosoma fulva, Pseudaptinus (Thalpius) fulvus] LM87
            |  `--+--Planetina OM08
            |     `--+--Helluomorphoides OM08
            |        `--+--‘Thalpius’ rufulus OM08
            |           `--Pseudaptinus Castelnau 1834 OM08, LM87 (see below for synonymy)
            |                |--*P. albicornis Castelnau 1834 LM87
            |                |--P. brittoni Baehr 1985 B86
            |                |--P. hirsutulus Baehr 1985 B86
            |                |--P. iridescens Baehr 1985 B86
            |                |--P. lecontei (Dejean 1831) BB01
            |                |--P. monteithi Baehr 1985 B86
            |                `--P. tenuicollis (LeConte 1851) BB01
            `--+--+--Dryptini OM08
               |  `--Pogonoglossus Chaudoir 1862 OM08, LM87 (see below for synonymy)
               |       |--*P. validicornis Chaudoir 1862 LM87
               |       |--P. danielsi Baehr 2008 Ba14a
               |       |--P. frater Baehr 2014 Ba14a
               |       |--P. inarmatus Baehr 1988 Ba14a
               |       |--P. inflaticeps (Sloane 1904) [=Carpaulum inflaticeps] LM87
               |       |--P. parvus Darlington 1968 Ba14a
               |       |--P. porosus (Sloane 1904) [=Carpaulum porosum] LM87
               |       |--P. rufopiceus Baehr 1993 Ba14a
               |       `--P. soror Baehr 2014 Ba14a
               `--+--Catapiesini BS02
                  |    |--Catapiesis brasiliensis OM08
                  |    `--Homalomorpha BS02
                  `--+--Mischocephalus [Mischocephalina] OM08
                     `--Zuphium Latreille 1806 OM08, LM87 [=Zophium Gistel 1839 BB01, Zoyphium Agassiz 1847 BM76]
                          |--*Z. olens (Rossi 1790) [=Carabus olens] LM87
                          |--Z. australe Chaudoir 1862 LM87
                          |--Z. castelnaui Gestro 1875 LM87
                          |--Z. fitzroyense Macleay 1888 LM87
                          |--Z. flavum GWW10
                          |--Z. numidicum Lucas 1846 E12
                          |--Z. pindan Macleay 1888 LM87
                          |--Z. rockhamptonense Castelnau 18967 [=Z. rockhamptonensis] LM87
                          `--Z. thouzeti Castelnau 1867 B86

Zuphiitae incertae sedis:
  Helluarchus Sloane 1914 M80, LM87
    |--*H. robustus Sloane 1914 LM87
    `--H. whitei Lea 1914 LM87
  Speozuphium Moore 1995 Ba14b
  Speothalpius Moore 1995 Ba14b
    `--S. grayi Ba14b
  Typhlozuphium Baehr 2014 Ba14b
    |--*T. humicolum Baehr 2014 Ba14b
    `--T. longipenne Baehr 2014 Ba14b
  Parazuphium Jeannel 1942 B86, Ba14b
    |--*P. (Parazuphium) chevrolati (Castelnau 1833) [=Zuphium chevrolati] Ba14b
    `--P. (Austrozuphium Baehr 1985) Ba14b
         |--P. (*A.) mastersii (Castelnau 1867) [=Zuphium mastersii] Ba14b
         |--P. (A.) flavescens Baehr 1985 Ba14b
         `--P. (A.) pilbarae Baehr 1985 Ba14b

*Aenigma iris Newman 1836 [incl. A. newmanni Castelnau 1867, A. splendens Castelnau 1867] LM87

*Dicranoglossus resplendens (Castelnau 1867) [=Helluosoma resplendens; incl. Aenigma parvulum Macleay 1874] LM87

Pogonoglossus Chaudoir 1862 OM08, LM87 [incl. Carpaulum Sloane 1904 LM87; Physocrotaphinae, Physocrotaphini LB91]

Pseudaptinus Castelnau 1834 OM08, LM87 [incl. Diaphorus Dejean 1831 non Meigen 1824 BB01, Tiphys Gistel 1848 (preoc.) BB01]

LeConte 1851 OM08, LM87 [incl. Enaphorus LeConte 1851 BB01, Zuphiosoma Laporte de Castelnau 1867 BB01]

Zuphiini [Galeritini, Galeritinini, Galeritulini, Helluomorphina, Helluonides, Helluoninae, Helluonini, Omphrina, Patriziina, Zuphiina, Zuphiinae] OM08

*Type species of generic name indicated


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Last updated: 3 November 2018.

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