Adelotopus haemorrhoidalis, copyright Udo Schmidt.

Belongs within: Pseudomorphini.

Adelotopus is a genus of pseudomorphin ground beetles found in Australia and south-east Asia, characterised by a reduced chaetotaxy and foliaceous female stylomeres (Baehr 2008).

<==Adelotopus Hope 1834 B08
    |--*A. gyrinoides Hope 1834 B08
    |--A. adustus Baehr 1997 B08
    |--A. affinis Castelnau 1867 LM87
    |--A. analis Macleay 1871 LM87
    |--A. aphodioides Westwood 1853 LM87
    |--A. apicalis Macleay 1864 LM87
    |--A. basalis Baehr 2008 B08
    |--A. bimaculatus Macleay 1864 [incl. Silphomorpha rufoguttata Blackburn 1893] LM87
    |--A. bolitus OM08
    |--A. brevipennis Macleay 1888 B08
    |--A. brunneus Castelnau 1867 LM87
    |--A. celeripes Lea 1910 LM87
    |--A. coriaceus Baehr 1997 B08
    |--A. cornutus Castelnau 1867 LM87
    |--A. dysticides Newman 1842 [incl. A. fortnumi Hope 1845] LM87
    |--A. elongatulus Macleay 1888 LM87
    |--A. fasciatus Castelnau 1867 LM87
    |--A. filiformis Castelnau 1867 LM87
    |--A. flavus B08
    |--A. haemorrhoidalis Erichson 1842 [incl. A. inquinatus Newman 1842] LM87
    |--A. houstoni Baehr 1997 B08
    |--A. hydrobioides Westwood 1853 LM87
    |--A. insignis Sloane 1910 LM87
    |--A. laevis Macleay 1888 LM87
    |--A. linearis Macleay 1888 LM87
    |--A. longipennis Macleay 1888 LM87
    |--A. maculipennis Macleay 1871 LM87
    |--A. mastersii Macleay 1871 LM87
    |--A. micans Blackburn 1901 LM87
    |--A. minutus Baehr 2008 B08
    |--A. nemosomoides Westwood 1853 LM87
    |--A. niger Notman 1925 LM87
    |--A. occidentalis Castelnau 1867 LM87
    |--A. paroensis Castelnau 1867 B08
    |--A. piceus B08
    |--A. pilbarae Baehr 2008 B08
    |--A. politus Castelnau 1867 LM87
    |--A. punctatus Castelnau 1867 LM87
    |--A. puncticollis Notman 1925 LM87
    |    |--A. p. puncticollis B08
    |    `--A. p. angustemaculatus Baehr 1997 B08
    |--A. rubiginosus Newman 1856 B08 [incl. A. castaneus Castelnau 1867 B08, LM87]
    |--A. rufescens B08
    |--A. scolytides Newman 1842 LM87
    |--A. seriepunctatus Notman 1925 LM87
    |--A. tasmani Blackburn 1901 LM87
    |--A. variolosus Lea 1910 LM87
    |--A. vicinus Castelnau 1867 LM87
    `--A. zonatus Castelnau 1867 LM87

*Type species of generic name indicated


[B08] Baehr, M. 2008. New and rare pseudomorphine species from Western Australia (Insecta, Coleoptera, Carabidae, Pseudomorphinae). Records of the Western Australian Museum 24 (2): 151–180.

[LM87] Lawrence, J. F., B. P. Moore, J. E. Pyke & T. A. Weir. 1987. Zoological Catalogue of Australia vol. 4. Coleoptera: Archostemata, Myxophaga and Adephaga. Australian Government Publishing Service: Canberra.

[OM08] Ober, K. A., & D. R. Maddison. 2008. Phylogenetic relationships of tribes within Harpalinae (Coleoptera: Carabidae) as inferred from 28S ribosomal DNA and the wingless gene. Journal of Insect Science 8: 63.

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