Clivina vagans, copyright Birgit E. Rhode.

Belongs within: Carabinae.

Clivina is a cosmopolitan genus of ground beetles with a sharp spine externally on the mid-tibia above or at the apex, and a concavity on either side of the peduncle.

<==Clivina Latreille 1802 [incl. Ceratoglossa Macleay 1863, Scolyptus Putzeys 1863] LM87
    |--‘Tenebrio’ fossor Linnaeus 1758 [incl. Scarites arenarius Fabricius 1792, *Clivina arenaria] LM87
    |--C. aequalis Blackburn 1890 LM87
    |--C. angustipes Putzeys 1868 LM87
    |--C. atrata Putzeys 1863 [incl. C. obliterata Sloane 1896] LM87
    |--C. atridorsis Sloane 1905 LM87
    |--C. australasiae Boheman 1858 LM87
    |--C. australica Sloane 1896 LM87
    |--C. banksi Sloane 1907 LM87
    |--C. basalis Chaudoir 1843 (see below for synonymy) LM87
    |--C. biplagiata Putzeys 1866 LM87
    |--C. bitincta Sloane 1905 [=C. bicolor Sloane 1896 non Putzeys 1846] LM87
    |--C. blackburni Sloane 1896 LM87
    |--C. boops Blackburn 1890 LM87
    |--C. bovillae Blackburn 1890 LM87
    |--C. brevisterna Sloane 1916 [incl. C. brevisterna major Sloane 1917] LM87
    |--C. brunnicolor Sloane 1916 LM87
    |--C. burgeoni B55
    |--C. carpentaria Sloane 1896 LM87
    |--C. cava Putzeys 1866 LM87
    |--C. coronata Putzeys 1873 LM87
    |--C. cribriforns Sloane 1905 LM87
    |--C. cribrosa Putzeys 1868 LM87
    |--C. curvidens LaFerté 1850 [incl. C. microphthalmus Putzeys 1863, *Scolyptus microphthalmus] LM87
    |--C. cylindriformis Sloane 1896 LM87
    |--C. cylindripennis Sloane 1905 LM87
    |--C. dampieri Sloane 1916 LM87
    |--C. darwini Sloane 1916 LM87
    |--C. debilis Blackburn 1890 LM87
    |--C. denticollis Sloane 1896 [incl. C. eyrensis Blackburn 1900] LM87
    |--C. difformis Putzeys 1868 LM87
    |--C. diluta Darlington 1953 LM87
    |--C. dilutipes Putzeys 1868 [incl. C. sydneyensis Sloane 1896, C. dilutipes victoriae Sloane 1905] LM87
    |--C. dimidiata Putzeys 1866 [incl. C. melanopyga Putzeys 1866] LM87
    |--C. dingo Sloane 1905 LM87
    |--C. diophthalmica Basilewsky 1955 B55
    |--C. doddi Sloane 1905 LM87
    |--C. dumolini B55
    |--C. elegans Putzeys 1863 LM87
    |--C. emarginata Putzeys 1868 LM87
    |--C. eremicola Blackburn 1894 LM87
    |--C. exilis Sloane 1916 LM87
    |--C. ferruginea Putzeys 1868 LM87
    |--C. flava Putzeys 1868 LM87
    |--C. fortis Sloane 1896 LM87
    |--C. frenchi Sloane 1896 LM87
    |--C. froggatti Sloane 1896 LM87
    |--C. gracilipes Sloane 1896 LM87
    |--C. grandiceps Sloane 1896 LM87
    |--C. grata Darlington 1953 LM87
    |--C. hackeri Sloane 1907 LM87
    |--C. helmsi Blackburn 1892 LM87
    |--C. heterogena Putzeys 1866 [incl. C. angustula Putzeys 1866, C. deplanata Putzeys 1866] LM87
    |--C. inopaca Darlington 1962 LM87
    |--C. isogona Putzeys 1868 LM87
    |--C. kershawi Sloane 1916 LM87
    |--C. leai Sloane 1896 [incl. C. leai apicalis Sloane 1896] LM87
    |--C. lepida Putzeys 1866 [incl. C. juvensis Putzeys 1866] LM87
    |--C. lobipes Sloane 1896 LM87
    |--C. machadoi Basilewsky 1955 B55
    |--C. macleayi Sloane 1896 LM87
    |--C. marginata (Putzeys 1868) [=Scolyptus marginatus] LM87
    |--C. mastersi Sloane 1896 LM87
    |--C. ‘microphthalma’ Burgeon 1937 non C. microphthalmus Putzeys 1863 B55
    |--C. misella Sloane 1905 LM87
    |--C. monilicornis Sloane 1896 LM87
    |--C. nana Sloane 1896 LM87
    |--C. natalensis B55
    |--C. nigra Sloane 1905 LM87
    |--C. nyctosyloides Putzeys 1868 [incl. C. interstitialis Sloane 1896] LM87
    |--C. obliquata Putzeys 1866 [incl. C. adelaidae Blackburn 1890] LM87
    |--C. obliquicollis Sloane 1905 LM87
    |--C. oblonga (Putzeys 1873) [=Scolyptus oblongus; incl. S. abbreviatus Putzeys 1873] LM87
    |--C. oblongicollis Putzeys 1863 BM87
    |--C. obscuripes (Blackburn 1890) [=Scolyptus obscuripes] LM87
    |--C. obsoleta Sloane 1896 LM87
    |--C. occulta Sloane 1896 LM87
    |--C. odontomera Putzeys 1868 LM87
    |--C. olliffi Sloane 1896 LM87
    |--C. oodnadattae Blackburn 1894 LM87
    |--C. ovalipennis Sloane 1905 [=C. ovipennis Sloane 1896 non Chaudoir 1846] LM87
    |--C. pallidiceps Sloane 1905 LM87
    |--C. parryi Putzeys 1863 [incl. Eupalamus clivinoides] B89
    |--C. pectonoda Sloane 1905 LM87
    |--C. pectoralis Putzeys 1868 LM87
    |--C. physopleura Burgeon 1935 B55
    |--C. planiceps (Putzeys 1863) (see below for synonymy) LM87
    |--C. planifrons Sloane 1907 LM87
    |--C. procera Putzeys 1866 LM87
    |--C. prominens Putzeys 1866 LM87
    |--C. punctaticeps Putzeys 1868 LM87
    |--C. quadratifrons Sloane 1896 LM87
    |--C. queenslandica Sloane 1896 LM87
    |--C. regularis Sloane 1896 LM87
    |--C. riverinae Sloane 1896 LM87
    |--C. robusta Sloane 1905 [incl. Ceratoglossa foveiceps Macleay 1863 non Cl. foveiceps Putzeys 1845] LM87
    |--C. rubripes Putzeys 1868 LM87
    |--C. rugithorax M83
    |--C. scripta Putz 1846 E12
    |--C. sculpticeps Darlington 1953 LM87
    |--C. sellata Putzeys 1866 [incl. C. sellata inconspicua Sloane 1896] LM87
    |--C. simulans Sloane 1896 LM87
    |--C. sloanei Csiki 1927 [=C. femoralis Sloane 1916 non Putzeys 1846] LM87
    |--C. sulcaticeps Sloane 1923 LM87
    |--C. sulcicollis Sloane 1896 [=C. punctaticeps sulcicollis] LM87
    |--C. suturalis Putzeys 1863 [incl. C. dorsalis Blackburn 1890, C. verticalis Putzeys 1866] LM87
    |--C. tuberculifrons Blackburn 1890 LM87
    |--C. tumidipes Sloane 1896 LM87
    |--C. vagans Putzeys 1866 [incl. C. lepida tasmaniensis Sloane 1896] LM87
    |--C. vittata Sloane 1896 LM87
    |--C. wildi Blackburn 1890 LM87
    |--C. wiluna Darlington 1953 LM87
    `--C. zebi Kult 1951 LM87

Clivina basalis Chaudoir 1843 [incl. C. ephippiata Putzeys 1846, C. eximia Sloane 1896, C. felix Sloane 1896, C. microdon Putzeys 1866] LM87

Clivina planiceps (Putzeys 1863) [=Scolyptus planiceps; incl. S. crassicollis Putzeys 1866, Ceratoglossa rugiceps Macleay 1863] LM87

*Type species of generic name indicated


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