Chlaenius festivus, copyright Siga.

Belongs within: Oodini.

Chlaenius is a cosmopolitan genus of often metallic ground beetles with pubescent elytra that have the epipleura interrupted by a twisted fold near the apex.

<==Chlaenius Bonelli 1810 B12
    |--*C. (Chlaenius) festivus (Fabricius 1810) [=Carabus festivus] LM87
    |--C. (Diapheropsophus) B66
    |    |--C. (D.) mellyi B66
    |    `--C. (D.) swinhoei Bates 1866 B66
    |--C. (Epomis) B14
    |    |--C. (E.) circumscriptus (Duftschmid 1812) B14
    |    `--C. (E.) dejeanii B14
    |--C. (Lissauchenius) rufifemoralis OM08
    |    |--C. r. rufifemoralis OM08
    |    `--C. r. bimaculatus Dejean 1826 OM08, LM87
    `--C. (Pelasmomimus Grundmann 1955) LM87
         `--C. (*P.) greyanus White 1841 [=C. grayianus] LM87

Chlaenius incertae sedis:
  C. australis Dejean 1831 LM87
  C. darlingensis Castelnau 1867 LM87
  C. flaviguttatus Macleay 1825 (see below for synonymy) LM87
  C. hamifer Chaudoir 1856 [incl. C. bihamatus Chaudoir 1856, C. queenslandicus Sloane 1910] LM87
  C. maculiger Castelnau 1867 LM87
  C. nigricornis [incl. C. nigricornis var. melanocornis] C01
  C. nigripes Macleay 1886 M86
  C. ophonoides Fairmaire 1843 (see below for synonymy) LM87
  C. planicornis B66
  C. rudicollis Chaudoir 1876 [incl. C. bimaculatus Macleay 1864 non Dejean 1826] LM87
  C. ruficauda OM08
  C. spoliatus C01
  C. subcostatus Macleay 1864 LM87
  C. tenellus G89
  C. tomentosus BB68
  C. virgulifer C01

Chlaenius flaviguttatus Macleay 1825 [incl. Lissauchenius biguttatus Montrouzier 1860, C. binotatus Dejean 1826, C. guttatus Eschscholtz 1833, C. flaviguttatus immaculipennis Jedlicka 1951, C. maculifer Castelnau 1867, C. punctatus Chaudoir 1856, C. puncticeps Gemminger & Harold 1868] LM87

Chlaenius ophonoides Fairmaire 1843 [incl. C. peregrinus Chaudoir 1856, C. viridescens Gemminger & Harold 1868, C. viridis Montrouzier 1860 non Ménétries 1832] LM87

*Type species of generic name indicated


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