Pheropsophus verticalis, copyright Peter Halasz.

Belongs within: Conjunctae.

The Brachininae, bombadier beetles, are a group of ground beetles capable of explosively emitting a defensive spray from the abdominal apex. Larvae of at least some species are ectoparasitoids of other insects, with Brachinus attacking pupae of water beetles and Pheropsophus feeding on eggs of mole crickets (Ball & Bousquet 2001).

Characters (from Lawrence & Britton 1991): Head with one pair of supraorbital setiferous punctures; mandible with setiferous puncture in concavity (scrobe) along outer edge; elytra truncate, exposing one abdominal tergite; abdomen with 7 or 8 ventrites.

<==Brachininae [Brachinides, Brachinini] B12
    |  i. s.: Mastax B55
    |           |--M. burgeoni B55
    |           `--M. ornatellus B55
    |         Brachynillus varendorffi Reitter 1904 BB01
    |--+--Aptinus OM08
    |  |    |--A. alpinus OM08
    |  |    `--A. displosor OM08
    |  `--+--Styphlodromus OM08
    |     `--Styphlomerus OM08
    |          |--S. ludicrus [incl. S. ludicrus var. grandis] B55
    |          `--S. vittaticollis OM08
    `--+--Crepidogaster [Crepidigastrini] OM08
       |    |--C. (Tyronia) ambreana OM08
       |    |--C. atrata OM08
       |    `--C. picipennis B55
       `--+--Brachinus Weber 1801 OM08, BB01
          |    |  i. s.: B. bimaculatus B35
          |    |         B. caligatus Bates 1889 B89
          |    |         B. crepitans I92
          |    |         B. frontalis B89
          |    |         B. oblongus G89
          |    |--B. (Metabrachinus) armiger OM08 [incl. Metabrachinus armiger var. natalicus B55]
          |    `--B. (Neobrachinus Erwin 1970) BB01
          |         `--B. (N.) hirsutus OM08
          `--Pheropsophus Solier 1833 [Pherapsophina] B12
               |  i. s.: P. aequinoctialis (Linnaeus 1763) B14
               |         P. africanus [=Brachinus africanus] G89
               |         P. alexandrae Giachino 2003 B12
               |         P. arcanus B55
               |         P. darwini Giachino 2003 B12
               |         P. dimidiatus B55
               |         P. gregoryi Giachino 2003 B12
               |         P. jessoensis LB91
               |         P. livingstonei B55
               |         P. macleayi Sloane 1895 B12
               |         P. minor B55
               |         P. straneoi Giachino 2003 B12
               |         P. windjanae Baehr 2012 B12
               |--P. (Pheropsophus) B12
               |    |--*P. (P.) madagascariensis (Dejean 1831) [=Brachinus madagascariensis] B12
               |    `--P. (P.) complanatus (Fabricius 1775) LM87 [=Carabus complanatus LM87, Nebria complanata L02]
               `--P. (Stenaptinus Maindron 1906) [incl. Parapheropsophus Hubenthal 1914] LM87
                    |--P. (*S.) krichna (Maindron 1914) [=*Stenaptinus krichna] LM87
                    `--P. (S.) verticalis (Dejean 1825) LM87 (see below for synonymy) LM87

Pheropsophus (Stenaptinus) verticalis (Dejean 1825) LM87 [=Brachinus verticalis LM87, P. (*Parapheropsophus) verticalis LM87; incl. P. australis Castelnau 1867 LM87, P. baliothorax Heller 1910 LM87, P. hypoxanthus Chaudoir 1876 LM87, P. (Parapheropsophus) intermedius Hubenthal 1914 LM87, Aptinus jamissoni B35, P. (Pa.) niger Hubenthal 1914 LM87, P. papuensis Macleay 1877 LM87]

*Type species of generic name indicated


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Last updated: 30 October 2018.

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