Pentagonica vittipennis, copyright M. P. Navest.

Belongs within: Harpalinae.
Contains: Scopodes.

The Odacanthini are a cosmopolitan group of ground beetles characterised by a short first antennal segment, not forming a distinct scape, together with the head being posteriorly narrowed to a 'neck' and the prothorax being subcylindrical. Many Odacanthini produce formic acid for defense but some genera such as Pentagonica produce saturated acids instead.

<==Odacanthini [Pentagonicinae, Pentagonicini, Pentagonicitae]
    |--Pentagonica Schmidt-Goebel 1846 OM08, LM87 [incl. Wakefieldia Broun 1880 LM87]
    |    |--*P. ruficollis Schmidt-Goebel 1846 [incl. P. dichroa Sloane 1903] LM87
    |    |--P. atkinsoni Fauvel 1882 LM87
    |    |--P. blanda Andrewes 1929 LM87
    |    |--P. conradti B55
    |    |--P. elegans B55
    |    |--P. erichsoni Schmidt-Goebel 1846 LM87
    |    |--P. olivacea Chaudoir 1877 LM87
    |    |--P. pallipes (Nietner 1856) [=Elliotia pallipes] LM87
    |    |--P. roedingeri OM08
    |    `--P. vittipennis Chaudoir 1877 [incl. *Wakefieldia vittata Broun 1880] LM87
    `--+--+--+--Actenonyx bembidiodes OM08
       |  |  `--Scopodes OM08
       |  `--+--Colliuris Degeer 1774 OM08, LM87 [=Casnonia Latreille & Dejean 1823 LM87]
       |     |    |--*C. surinamensis (Linnaeus 1766) [=Attelabus surinamensis, *Casnonia surinamensis] LM87
       |     |    |--C. longicollis [=Collyris longicollis] L02
       |     |    |--C. par Darlington 1968 LM87
       |     |    `--C. pennsylvanica OM08
       |     `--Casnoidea Castelnau 1834 LM87 [incl. Ophionea Eschscholtz 1829 non Klug 1821 OM08, LM87]
       |           |--*C. cyanocephala (Fabricius 1798) [=Cicindela cyanocephala] LM87
       |           |--‘Attelabus’ indica Thunberg 1764 [=*Ophionea indica] LM87
       |           |--‘Ophionea’ ishii OM08
       |           |--‘Ophionea’ interstitialis B14
       |           |--‘Ophionea’ nigrofasciata B14
       |           |--C. puncticollis (Sloane 1923) [=Ophionea puncticollis] LM87
       |           `--C. thouzeti (Castelnau 1867) [=Ophionea thouzeti] LM87
       `--+--Celaenephes Schmidt-Goebel 1846 OM08, LM87 [incl. Taromorpha Blackburn 1894 LM87]
          |    |--*C. parallelus Schmidt-Goebel 1846 LM87
          |    `--C. linearis (Walker 1858) [=Leistus linearis; incl. *Taromorpha alternata Blackburn 1894] LM87
          `--+--Lasiocera OM08
             `--+--+--Clarencia Sloane 1917 OM08, LM87
                |  |    |--*C. aliena (Pascoe 1860) (see below for synonymy) LM87
                |  |    `--C. quadridens Darlington 1968 LM87
                |  `--Dicraspeda Chaudoir 1862 OM08, B12
                |       |--*D. brunnea Chaudoir 1862 [incl. Eudalia sublaevis Macleay 1888] LM87
                |       |--D. brunneipennis (Sloane 1917) [=Eudalia brunneipennis] LM87
                |       |--D. dubia (Gestro 1879) [=Odacantha dubia] LM87
                |       |--D. nitida (Sloane 1917) [=Eudalia nitida] LM87
                |       `--D. obscura (Castelnau 1867) [=Casnonia obscura] LM87
                `--Stenidia rugucollis OM08

Odacanthini incertae sedis:
  Odacantha melanura L02
  Porocara Sloane 1917 B12
    `--*P. punctata Sloane 1917 LM87
  Eudalia Castelnau 1867 B12
    |--*E. latipennis (Macleay 1864) [=Odacantha latipennis; incl. E. waterhousii Castelnau 1867] LM87
    |--E. castelnaui Sloane 1910 LM87
    |--E. froggatti Macleay 1888 LM87
    |--E. macleayi Bates 1871 LM87
    |--E. nigra Sloane 1900 LM87
    `--E. obliquiceps Sloane 1917 LM87
  Parascopodes Darlington 1968 LM87
    `--*P. cyaneus (Sloane 1907) [=Scopodes cyaneus] LM87

*Clarencia aliena (Pascoe 1860) [=Casnonia aliena; incl. Ca. angusticollis Macleay 1888, Ca. australis Chaudoir 1862, Ca. clarensii Castelnau 1867] LM87

*Type species of generic name indicated


[B12] Baehr, M. 2012. A new species of the genus Pheropsophus (Coleoptera: Carabidae: Brachininae) from northern Australia. Records of the Western Australian Museum 27 (1): 62–67.

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[OM08] Ober, K. A., & D. R. Maddison. 2008. Phylogenetic relationships of tribes within Harpalinae (Coleoptera: Carabidae) as inferred from 28S ribosomal DNA and the wingless gene. Journal of Insect Science 8: 63.

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