Nymphon molleri, copyright Blair Patullo.

Belongs within: Pantopoda.

The Callipallenidae are a family of sea-spiders generally retaining chelifores but lacking palpi, though the phylogeny of Pycnogonida recovered by Siveter et al. (2004) placed Nymphon (which possesses both chelifores and palpi) and Pycnogonum (which lacks both) within the clade of callipallenid genera.

<==Callipallenidae MG-H11
    |--+--Pycnogonum [Pycnogonidae] SS04
    |  |    |--P. litorale (Ström 1762) (see below for synonymy) R23
    |  |    `--P. pusillum M62
    |  `--Pseudopallene SS04
    |       |--P. ambigua SS04
    |       |--P. chevron Staples 2007 MG-H11
    |       |--P. difficile Arango 2009 MG-H11
    |       `--P. watsonae Staples 2005 MG-H11
    `--+--Parapallene SS04
       |    |--P. australiensis (Hoek 1881) MG-H11
       |    |--P. challengeri Calman 1937 MG-H11
       |    |--P. famelica SS04
       |    `--P. haddoni Carpenter 1892 MG-H11
       `--+--Callipallene SS04
          |    |--C. brevirostri SS04
          |    `--C. novaezealandiae (Thompson 1884) MG-H11
          `--+--Propallene saengeri SS04
             `--Nymphon SS04
                  |  i. s.: N. gracile SS04
                  |         N. rottnesti Child 1975 MG-H11
                  |--N. surinamense SS04
                  `--+--N. micronesicum SS04
                     `--N. molleri SS04

Pycnogonum litorale (Ström 1762) [=Phalangium litorale, Pygnogonum (l. c.) litorale; incl. Ph. balaenarum Müller 1776] R23

*Type species of generic name indicated


[MG-H11] McEnnulty, F. R., K. L. Gowlett-Holmes, A. Williams, F. Althaus, J. Fromont, G. C. B. Poore, T. D. O'Hara, L. Marsh, P. Kott, S. Slack-Smith, P. Alderslade & M. V. Kitahara. 2011. The deepwater megabenthic invertebrates on the western continental margin of Australia (100–1100 m depths): composition, distribution and novelty. Records of the Western Australian Museum Supplement 80: 1–191.

[M62] Monniot, F. 1962. Recherches sur les graviers a Amphioxus de la région de Banyuls-sur-Mer. Vie et Milieu 13: 231–322.

[R23] Roewer, C.-F. 1923. Die Weberknechte der Erde: Systematische Bearbeitung der bisher bekannnten Opiliones. Gustav Fischer: Jena.

[SS04] Siveter, D. J., M. D. Sutton, D. E. G. Briggs & D. J. Siveter. 2004. A Silurian sea spider. Nature 431: 978–980.

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