Pitar (Pitarina) citrina. Photo from here.

Belongs within: Veneridae.

Pitar is a genus of venerid bivalves found worldwide, first recorded from the Eocene (Cox et al. 1969).

Characters (from Cox et al. 1969): Oval or subtrigonal, smooth or finely concentrically lamellate; lunule superficial, escutcheon not defined; hinge with 2b triangular, joined to a thin 2a, 3a and 1 separate.

    |  i. s.: P. nipponica Kuroda & Habe 1971 LS96
    |         P. subpellucidus LS96
    |--*P. (Pitar) tumens [=Venus tumens] M27
    |--P. (Hyphantosoma) LS96
    |    |--P. (H.) intricata (Dautzenberg 1907) [=Meretrix (Pitar) intricata] LS96
    |    `--P. (H.) sculpturatus (Marshall 1918) [=Macrocallista sculpturata] M27
    `--P. (Pitarina) LS96
         |--P. (P.) affinis (Gmelin 1791) LS96 (see below for synonymy)
         |--P. (P.) citrina (Lamarck 1818) (see below for synonymy) LS96
         |--P. (P.) healyi Lamprell & Stanisic 1996 LS96
         |--P. (P.) japonicus Kuroda & Kawamoto 1956 [=P. (Agriopoma) japonicum] LS96
         |--P. (P.) nancyae Lamprell & Whitehead 1990 LS96
         |--P. (P.) noguchii Habe 1958 [=P. (Agriopoma) noguchii] LS96
         |--P. (P.) pellucidus (Lamarck 1818) LS96 (see below for synonymy)
         |--P. (P.) potteri Healy & Lamprell 1992 LS96
         |--P. (P.) prora (Conrad 1837) [=Venus prora] LS96
         |--P. (P.) sophiae (Angas 1877) [=Cytherea sophiae] LS96
         `--P. (P.) spoori Lamprell & Whitehead 1990 LS96

Pitar (Pitarina) affinis (Gmelin 1791) LS96 [=Venus affinis LS96; incl. Cytherea inflata Sowerby 1853 LS96, Gafrarium inflatum H09]

Pitar (Pitarina) citrina (Lamarck 1818) [=Cytherea citrina, Dione citrina, Pitar (Pitarina) citrinus; incl. D. ustulata Reeve 1863] LS96

Pitar (Pitarina) pellucidus (Lamarck 1818) LS96 [=Cytherea pellucidus LS96; incl. Dione australica Reeve 1863 LS96, Gafrarium australica H09]

*Type species of generic name indicated


Cox, L. R., N. D. Newell et al. 1969. Treatise on Invertebrate Paleontology pt N. Bivalvia vol. 2. The Geological Society of America, Inc. and The University of Kansas.

[H09] Hedley, C. 1909. The Marine Fauna of Queensland: Address by the President of Section D. Australasian Association for the Advancement of Science: Brisbane.

[LS96] Lamprell, K. L., & J. Stanisic. 1996. Callista, Lioconcha and Pitar in New Caledonia and adjacent waters (Mollusca, Veneridae). Molluscan Research 17: 27-48.

[M27] Marwick, J. 1927. The Veneridae of New Zealand. Transactions and Proceedings of the New Zealand Institute 57: 567-636.

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